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Your Moon Sign & Your Mother

By June 4, 2023No Comments5 min read

I am always so interested in how your own Moon Sign determines your perception of your mother, but I have been unable to find any videos on the subject and very few articles. Being a mother myself, that is depressing, so I made this short cheat sheet for you!


Aries moon: You view your mother as very energetic and doesn’t always connect with you in a loving, cuddling way. Maybe she connects with you in a more fun way and suggests doing fun things.

Taurus moon:  Not overly nurturing or affectionate kind of mother, gives you what you need and gives you your space and time. Your mother likes nice things so she might eat her feelings or buy nice things to make herself feel better. Materialistic.

Gemini moon: Sometimes you have a very bipolar mother, when your moons in Gemini. You always chase your mother down, always trying to connect with her as much as possible.

Cancer moon: Your mother knows how to cook and clean, may never had you do stuff for yourself she might have done things for you, clean your bed etc.

Leo moon: Maybe viewed your mother as a child. Could be full of herself or you viewed her as the most exciting human in the entire world.

Virgo moon: You see your mother really caring about school and books and not so much creativity, as long as your rooms clean and getting shit done.

Libra moon: A lot of Libra moons had mothers who really cared about your appearance, or want to put their kids in beautiful sports. (Ballet, ice skating etc.)

Scorpio moon: Have very stressed out mothers, you might feel like she cares about other things than your whole being. She had to do things to support you, away from you. You didn’t always know what she was thinking.

Sagittarius moon: Probably had a mother that took them away from the family or you constantly moved places, saw your mom as very interesting and logical.

Capricorn moon: You view your mother as someone you have to take care of, or somebody that can’t really do it without you. So you might have a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Aquarius moon: You view your mother as being very interesting and unique, and different. You mom usually cares about introducing you to adult things and different, unique things. Giving you a life that none of your peers have, something that’s so off the wall. May see yourself different.

Pisces moon: Maybe the favorite kid, looked at your mother as she was very emotional, like you needed to emotionally connect with her. Strong emotional connections with your mother, it can be either good or bad.

+Remember that ASPECTS (trines, sextiles, conjunctions, squares and oppositions) as well as the HOUSE PLACEMENT, take what I’m saying and add more to the story. Scroll down past the aspects, for the video on Your Mother in the Signs, and click here to see your chart!


+Conjunctions add a completely different characteristic to your mother’s personality.

(A common example of this being Moon conjunct Uranus, creating a mother who is distant & uncaring or the better different & unique in addition to the sign the moon is in. Children being born today would have Uranus in Aries, so their mothers would be more ambitious and rebellious, a few years ago, they would have had Uranus in Pisces making their mothers, super sensitive with a lot of psychosomatic issues.)

+Trines add a harmonious relationship between you and your mother, sometimes this can prove to be a manipulative mother, or that you are able to manipulate your mother.

+Sextiles add a slightly less harmonious, but possibly more beneficial relationship with your mother.

+Squares are a hard aspect and therefore a strain between you and your mother, especially if it’s Moon square Sun (mother that doesn’t know what to give you) or Moon square Mars (mother that seems to yell at you a lot)

+Oppositions tend to be a loss or void of something between you and your mother

(A common example of this is Moon opposite Venus, where you might feel void of love from your mother, and eventually for your mother.) 


(This is your perception of your mother, not always what she intended…)

Sun: How well does your mother understand how to give you what you need, personally?
Mercury: How well does your mother speak to you?
Venus: How well does your mother instill confidence in you (if at all, or in spite of her)?
Mars: How patient or angry is your mother?
Saturn: How stable and supportive is your mother?
Jupiter: How much does your mother help or hinder you?
Uranus: How present is your mother in your life, or is she too rebellious against motherhood?
Neptune: How manipulative or dreamy is your mother?
Pluto: How controlling, chaotic or depressed is your mother?


1st House: You mother is very imprinted on your personality, as she wore her heart on her sleeve.
2nd House: Your mother tried to create stability for you.
3rd House: Your mother was very communicative with you.
4th House: Your mother was very important to you, and highly sensitive.
5th House: Your mother was creative and possibly self-centered.
6th House: Your mother spent her time with you, creating a model for your own routine in the years to come.
7th House: Your mother spent a lot of her energy dealing with relationships.
8th House: Your mother shared the darkness of life with you.
9th House: Your mother wanted to be elsewhere at all times.
10th House: Your mother helped support the family.
11th House: Your mother wanted you to grow up quickly.
12th House: Your mother shared her life with you, and might have used you as a crutch.


This is how you view your Mother based on your own Moon Sign. You can also look at your children’s charts and see how they view you–which is scary, but recommended if you have the guts: