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The 1st House Planets in Your Birth Chart

By July 12, 2023No Comments8 min read
The First/1st House is the house of your identity and your appearance. Everything you find in this house, represents the personality traits that you cultivated and developed, on your own, due to your family, your surroundings and your upbringing.

A 1st house with a stellium (3 or more planets), would represent a person who had a lot of help and/or hinderances in learning who they were. Someone with no planets in their 1st house is defined by the their Ascendant sign, or the sign that leads off their Natal Chart.

The planets in your first, not only add to the nature of your Ascendant Sign, but they also add to your appearance. This means that your Ascendant and any planet you have in the first house work together, and at the same time they might seem to contradict each other. This is life and we are people–we are walking contradictions.

James Dean is the quintessential Aries Rising with Uranus conjunct.
Rebel without a cause.

Planets in Your 1st House:


Sun in the 1st house: You are the entertainer. You need everyone to be happy, so that you can also be happy. Learn how to separate yourself from the cheerful person that you pretend to be on a daily basis.  You have a shadow side as well, and even though it’s not pretty, it’s still you. Take care of yourself, and make room for relationships. Learn how not to be selfish, by really understanding other people’s objections to your actions. Stay away from uppers and downers, and try to get enough sleep.

Appearance: Strong, more masculine features, vibrant eyes, big hair, smooth complexion, and nice angles in your face. Taller than average but also a little thicker due to an inherent strength.

Moon in the 1st house: You are an artist. You wear your emotions on your sleeve, and can suffer from extreme moodiness. As a child, your mother may have tended to your every bruise and heartbreak, and so you internalized that as having the only feelings that matter. You don’t fully understand the art of keeping emotions safe, and will put your own emotional needs above others to the point of hedonism. You also feel that you are very empathetic, even if you do not always respond in a nurturing way.  You will need to learn balance between everyone else’s needs and your own, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to be near the people that you love.

Appearance: Round and softer than average. More feminine features. Might carry a little extra weight, or “fluff” as my grandmother called it.

Mercury in the 1st house: You are a genius. You might be the smartest and most open-minded one in the room. You will always take the reigns and collect the knowledge, so that no one is responsible for holding you back. You have always had to be quick, to avoid embarrassment, and now you identify with your immaculate wit. You have a strong fear of being considered stupid, so you tend to talk up your knowledge on a subject, even if no one asked you.

Appearance: Very expressive eyes, and angular features. Lips are a focal point, with big teeth.

Venus in the 1st house: You are a charmer. You feel that it’s important to be beautiful and cordial, and so you tend to stay harmonious to stay loved, and stay beautiful to stay adored. You might spend hours on your appearance, but forget to love yourself for your faults and flaws. In some cases you might have been your family’s answers to their faults, and could suffer from a bit of narcissism, or believing that you are actually special and others are not. On the contrary, you could struggle with a very poor image of yourself and what you have to offer, putting everyone else before you.

Appearance: Beautiful, pleasant and charming features. Lower center of gravity, and possibly shorter limbs. Feminine presence. Fashionista.

Mars in the 1st house: You are a leader. Your family would have run over you, if you didn’t dominate them first, so you quickly learned to take charge. You were bullied, became a bully, and then finally, you became a leader. Just because someone doesn’t believe what you believe, doesn’t make them wrong or lazy. Try to listen to other people before you accidentally steamroll them into submission.

Appearance: Very rememberable features, with long eyebrow hair. Wispy hair or bald. Masculine Presence. Lack of style.

Jupiter in the 1st house: You are blessed. You felt ignored, so you learned to express yourself confidently, vibrantly and “larger” to be seen and respected by your family. Now you have cultivated inherent skills, which help you to appear very confident.  As an adult, Jupiter allows you to accomplish great feats, with little to no effort on your part. Remember that it is a false ideal that you hold yourself to, and it’s important to pay attention to the details, and live in the moment.

Appearance: Most features tend to be exaggerated–bigger nose or eyes. Exotic looking.

Saturn in the 1st house: You are strong. Your identity is missing, and you don’t really know how to find it. Notably this is found in charts of men with absent, abusive or jailed fathers–though both sexes can have this if they perceive a heavy mark of an absent or silent parent, or a parent that never allowed them to express themselves. Even adopted children who felt wrong about meeting their birth parents, might have the mark of Saturn, in their 1st. You are learning to find yourself through your own works and actions, never let an opportunity for growth pass you by. Let your motto be: I will find my true self and take risks in the process.

Appearance: Grey undertones in your skin that clash with bright colors. Tend towards muted and tried and true fashion.

Uranus in the 1st house: You are a rebel without a cause. You have found that humor and originality bring attention to you, but if you are not careful, it could be negative attention. Many with this placement struggle with insomnia and have minds that have no idea how to turn off. Learn how to find your inner peace, and don’t be afraid to sit in silence, or to take walks by yourself. Also, it’s okay to be normal. It can be hard to keep relationships, as significant others don’t like dealing with unpredictable personality shifts. Find people to fly with, that are willing to go as high as you are.

Appearance: Large forehead and smaller chin, very expressive face. Face may be uneven, or you might be excessively tall or large.

Neptune in the 1st house: You are an enigma.  Your parent’s guilt and sadness were projected on to you, as if you could save them, heal them, or hurt them even more. Marilyn Monroe is the poster girl for this–as an adult she became every man’s fantasy, and every woman’s idea of what they should be. It’s very difficult to nail yourself down with this placement, as it leaves a foggy, chameleon like identity that seems to only know what it is told. Make an effort to learn who you are, as others will use you as a mirror, and treat you the way they want to treat themselves.

Appearance: Ethereal quality, with a beauty that feels like it cannot be emulated, but at the same time you appear very relatable. Tend to dress and pick up the mannerisms of those around you.

Pluto in the 1st house: You are powerful. You might have felt lost as a child, and so you learned to control things and hide who you are. You are on a constant search for meaning and truth, but will fail to find it if you don’t allow yourself to transform, by letting go of all the control. Pluto represents a strong sexual pull as well–people with this placement exude sexuality, but also an abrupt dominance, so you might turn people off as quickly as you turn them on. Learn your own dynamism, and be proud of who you are and all the ways you’ve transformed in life.

Appearance: Have relatively dark features, and a dark way about you.  Also an innate ability to give the “look of death.”

Chiron in the 1st house: You are funny. You may have been severely bullied for who you were (by peers and even your own family), and have a constant fear of taking off the mask. As you mature and grow, you find yourself able to help people through the same pain that you went through. You don’t always do this in the same way: Sometimes you help others with the mask on, as it truly is your safety net, but other times you are able to help others by stripping away pretense, and just letting your guard down. Both ways are acceptable, and you may not know which part of you is the mask. But as you mature, the mask will also evolve, and it will shed itself–nothing you need to force. In some cases you will find fame for being the truest version of yourself.

Appearance: Tend to have an innocence about you, as well as puppy dog features. People will be drawn to you, as you appear kind and unassuming.

This has been Written and Reserved by Alyssa Sharpe, not to be used without permission.