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Careers for Your Midheaven

By July 14, 2023No Comments6 min read

Aries (I Am):

Construction Worker, Building Manager, Model, Actor, Nutritionist, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, Athlete, Astrologer, Scientist, Chemist

Do: Use your whole body and work with what you have and naturally good at, keep your energy and passion in your job.

Don’t: Anything that takes your job and stress into your home. Your 4th is Libra and needs beauty and harmony away from the daily grind, as much as you may love to keep everything inside your castle, it becomes a hinderance to growth.

Taurus (I Have):

Actor, Model, Sex Symbol, Archer, Seamstress, Quilter/Knitter, Secretary, Administrator, Singer, Songwriter, Chef, Dessert Maker, Surgeon

Do: Be comfortable in whatever you do, and do things that require precision and skill so you can be proud of your slow and steady job. Always work away from home to create a retreat.

Don’t: Anything that requires you to exert a lot of power over people, because it will exhausting as Scorpio is your 4th, and you will be doing that at home. Don’t be around people if you can help it, they throw you off your groove and it causes power struggles.

Gemini (I Think):

Travel Agent, Travel Blogger, HVAC, Computers, Data Analysis, Interpreter, Psychiatrist, Psychologist,  Audiologist, Mechanic, News Anchor, Biochemist, Journalist

Do: Use your mind and always challenge it with creative problem solving. Always be listening and learning.

Don’t: Public disagreements or debate. Don’t teach people anything—only deliver facts that you didn’t invent, Sagittarius is your professor in the 4th and needs to keep wisdom alive by only challenging yourself.

Cancer (I Feel):

Psychic, Photographer, Character Actor, Cameraman, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Stay-At-Home Parent, Writer, Poet, Human Resources

Do: Work in a field that requires you to convey emotion, and nurture, if that is not available in your world, stay home and put yourself to use there—working on discovering your passions.

Don’t: Put yourself in a place of fear or that causes anxiety in order to work through it—work through it at home first, and then greet the world. Capricorn is in your 4th, and so your home is your boss, pay attention to it’s authority, over the world’s influence on you.  Don’t get involved with careers that help others or lost causes, you’ll get sucked in.

Leo (I Will):

Comedian, Singer, Entertainer, Poet, Child Psychologist, Childcare Specialist, Advertiser, Sales, Maintenance Worker, Astrologer, Teacher, Journalist, Garbage Man (It makes good money and has a lot of freedom)

Do: Work with love and from your heart to make the world a better, happier and younger place. Be free and challenge your power. Choose freedom of expression, money and recognition in your job, anything less will be hard to handle

Don’t: Care what people think of you or work in a thankless job like non-profits, or in a closed cubicle office building where you can’t be free. Aquarius is your 4th and can make you feel suffocated at home, so your job should be your freedom to do what you want with no repercussions.

Virgo (I Analyze):

Lawyer, Professional Fighter, Judge, Paralegal, Military, Special Forces, News Anchor, Interior Designer, Makeup Artist, Astrologer, Nurse, Comedian

Do: Keep challenging your abilities by learning more, expanding your knowledge and reach. Avoid criticism from others, by focusing your own critique on real world issues.

Don’t: Be photographed too much by other people, it will get to you and cause you to be discontented with your body and personal boundaries. Pisces is in your 4th and rules camera’s so you may love to take your own photos, but extreme fame may cause you to become a hermit.

Libra (I Balance):

Accountant, Appraiser, Auditor, Actuary, Data Specialist, Model, Judge, Lawyer, Police Officer, Fireman, Medical Doctor, Writer, Sex Symbol, Fashion Designer

Do: Something in your job that restores harmony and justice to the world, and makes the world more beautiful, safer and comfortable to live in.

Don’t: Act or fake a personality, you’re better off being yourself, acting seems insincere to others, because Libra is more robotic. Aries is in the 4th house which is where you are more naturalized and can keep roleplaying in your inner world so you can still have fun.

Scorpio (I Desire):

Social Worker, Director, Producer, Actuary, Warehouse Specialist, Breeder, Anthropologist, Biologist, Archeologist, Sex Symbol, Singer, Actor, Journalist, OBGYN

Do: Work with “sex” in some way—capturing penetrating situations or creating new life and discovering old life and death.

Don’t: Be lazy. Taurus is in your 4th and you can be comforted when you go home, but your job should be stimulating and exotic, not the same old everyday you go into work.

Sagittarius (I Aim):

Actor, Model, Guru, Teacher, Artist, Architect, Entertainer, Philosopher, Astrologer, Nurse, Comedian, Writer, Sex Symbol, Midwife

Do: Compete with only the top in your field in order to grow more quickly and accurately in your professional aim. Become a master of many things at once.

Don’t: Spend too much time with formal education because it will be useless when you’re through with your aims. Don’t overthink or over-learn and get stuck in paralysis of analysis, Gemini is your 4th and if you stay thinking you never make a life for yourself. You got to get into the world and share your knowledge and wisdom.

Capricorn (I Use):

Matchmaker, Bartender, Server, Hospitality, Professional Party-Thrower, Liquor Maker, Mechanic, Repairman, Animal Shelter Owner, Technical Writer, Homeless Shelter Owner, Athlete, Non-Profit curator.

Do: Take care of the world around you and bring culture, to the world by adding comforts, such as spirits (liquor) and food and fun, and fixing broken things, or finding homes for broken lives.

Don’t: Help anyone up in your career, you need to be strong in your job without incompetence around you so that you can truly help the world. Cancer is in your 4th so save your feels and nurturing for home, and show tough love to the world to make it better.

Aquarius (I Know):

Housekeeper, Stay-At-Home Parent, Teacher, Guru, Artist, Entertainer, Philosopher, Astrologer, Psychic, Writer, Scientist, Shelter Owner, Non-profit curator, Journalist, Medical Doctor

Do: Take your duties in the world as important.

Don’t: Fall into worldly traps of money and materialism, Leo is in your 5th so keep your creative freedom and wild nature at home and allow your job to be serious.

Pisces (I Believe):

Psychic, Healer, Artist, Journalist, Nutritionist, Nanny, Childcare Specialist, Midwife, Massage Therapist, Animal Trainer, Acupuncturist, Navy Seal, Professional Swimmer, Chiropractor

Do: Work with the human body and take it to it’s perfection with holistic and out of the box care.

Don’t: Rely on medical science and tried and true methods in any way, Virgo is in your 4th house and so the regular understanding of the world should keep you grounded at home, but your career should be unique and creative.