Astrology is a belief system that rests on the line between science and faith. When a belief is solely based on faith, there is nothing visible or tangible to prove its existence. The major religions that I know of are largely faith-based. (Please keep in mind that this was not written to discount religion by any means!) The effects of planets on people have not been scientifically proven. However, the planets are undoubtedly real! We can see them among the stars, we can see them through a telescope, and we have sent probes and rovers to other planets.

It seems to me that astrology has not been scientifically proven because, well, a lot of it rests on faith. On the other hand, it has not been dismissed because there is way too much to learn in order to do so. In order to prove or disprove the effect of someone’s natal Moon square Venus, with Moon being in the 3rd house in Sagittarius, and Venus being in the 7th house in Pisces, one would have to know what all that even means! And that’s when scientists are all:


The heart and soul of astrology lies beyond the Sun sign. Unfortunately, most peoples’ knowledge of Sun signs come from what is written in magazines, newspapers, phone apps and websites. These descriptions are often so generalized, and yet accurately describe just a portion of the people they claim to be talking about! It’s no wonder some people make fun of Astrology! Every single person who has had their Natal Chart read by a good astrologer has been amazed by some of its individually tailored details. I had my first chart reading several years ago by a friend who was curious to see what my chart looked like. Granted, I was skeptical, but open-minded enough to hear what she had to say. At the time, all I knew about myself through Astrology was that I am a Taurus, and that this description doesn’t describe me all that much.

According to the description of a Taurean, I like to garden. That’s absurd. I’ve never had the desire to plant anything, except for perhaps a small pot of cilantro in my kitchen because I’m obsessed with cilantro, and haven’t even taken any steps to do that – I can barely take care of myself! Apparently, I am also a homebody. Anyone that knows me, knows that is SO far from the truth. I stay home to do chores, catch up on TV shows and meditate. I am always on the go, I don’t cook much, I spend a lot of time being social outside of my home, and my goal in life is to experience as much of the world as humanly possible.

When my friend, Anastasia (shout out to the wonderful woman who opened my eyes) read my Natal chart, it was like music to my ears. I had to learn more so that I could share this gift with other people. Through learning more about astrology, I also learned to embrace my God-given oddities. I learned that I would make a great healer, and that being interested in the occult comes naturally to me. One example is my Chiron (comet that represents the Wounded Healer within us) placement, which is in the 1st house (House of Self) and in Gemini (rules the hands), and is also conjuncting Venus (Planet of Love and Money). One simple interpretation of this would be that I could be a healer who uses my hands to heal, and I would be able to apply this healing power once I have healed my wounds pertaining to self-love. Knowing this, I was able to understand that it would take a long time to heal myself, and that I would have to deal with heartache after heartache to do so (Venus and Chiron also opposition my Retrograde Saturn in 7th and Sagittarius). Years later, I am a Reiki practitioner, and I love Reiki so much it hurts (but it’s okay, because I can heal that hurt with Reiki! Haha I came up with that one on my own! Shit, I shouldn’t be allowed to blog.) ANYWAY. I am learning more and more about Reiki and other forms of healing, and I am so thirsty for it. After all, my natal 9th house (house of Higher Learning and Mental Exploration) rests in Capricorn, which in simple terms means I am ambitious about learning whatever it is that I choose to learn.

To me, astrology is an eye-opener, a series of answers for someone who is as riddled with 12th house (House of Self-Undoing) and Saturn (planet of Responsibilities, Limitations and Karma) issues such myself. Astrology is a way to understand your untapped potential and explains how to get to where you want to be.