Soulmates are often referred to as “The One.” The person you marry, make babies with and spend the rest of your life with. The stereotypical idea of a soulmate is one who finishes your sentences, and the person who calls you at the same time you are calling him/her. Although the amount of people one can do this with is a lower number, it is not limited to one. Some people may disagree, but honestly, everyone has their own truth. My opinion on soulmates formed after I had seen several relationships end in which they felt they had found “The One.”

A soulmate can be anyone you feel or have felt a connection with, and your physical connection with a soulmate can last as little as an hour or as long as eternity. A soulmate is one who makes an lasting impact on your life because of the opportunity this person gives you to learn and grow, and vice versa. You can find a soulmate in a friend, a person you meet on the bus, your dad, significant other, etc. A soulmate is someone you have spiritual ties to, and the Universe somehow brings you together. These people will energize and awaken you, and they will understand you better than most. Some soulmate relationships will be effortless, some will make you laugh until your stomach aches, and some will cause you more emotional pain than you can imagine.

There are different types of soulmates: the Soul Teacher, Soul Friend, Soul Companion and Twin Soul (aka Twin Flame). All Soulmate relationships can manifest into romantic, familial and platonic situations; although Twin Soul relationships tend to encompass all types of ove. A Soul Teacher will inspire and teach you to change your ways. A Soul Friend is someone you share similar interests and values with, and you support each others’ growth. A Soul Companion gives you a sense of familiarity as if you have known each other in a past lifetime, and your relationship can last a lifetime.

Twin Souls are a different story. Your Twin is your other half, and you balance each other with masculine and feminine, or yin and yang traits. Your souls were created to make one perfect entity.  Before encountering your Twin Soul in the physical realm, your soul will be reincarnated many lifetimes to learn lessons and clear karma from previous lives. You will meet your Twin Soul when your souls are both mature enough to face each other. This is most likely a romantic union, since Twin Souls connect on every possible level. Your meeting will most likely be very tumultuous, as you will be each others’ catalysts for growth in order to make a complete half of that perfect entity you once formed. The feeling between Twin Souls is pure bliss, but sometimes it is so intense that at least one of the two runs away in denial. Eventually, they end up reuniting when they realize the reality of their relationship.

Besides soulmates, there are also karmic relationships, which consist of two people who have formed karmic ties in past lifetimes. When one person has taught someone a lesson in a past life, they reunite in another life so that the other can repay his karmic debt. This is not a vindictive form of payback, although it may feel like it when you experience it. Instead, it is an opportunity for growth and learning. Karmic relationships are often tied by blood, contract or a sense of obligation. These relationships usually last longer than people feel they should, and both parties feel as if something between them is amiss – at least in hindsight.