Transit Venus in Virgo: October 8-November 8, 2015

The planet Venus was named after the Roman Goddess (Venus) of love, beauty and desire. The planet Venus represents just that, as well as money, values and the way we express pleasure. Venus’ location in the natal chart reveals how the native approaches personal relationships and physical comfort. The Venus glyph ♀ joins a circle and a cross, which balances identity and higher knowledge, respectively. Venus’ transit through the signs indicate how we will balance love, money and values.

Venus is in Virgo for the 2nd time in 2015 due to Venus’ retrograde motion. When Venus transits Mercury-ruled Virgo, the planet of love, money and values places importance on processes ruled by Mercury and Virgo. We find ourselves taking a Mercurial approach towards the Venusian parts of our lives – our approach to personal relationships, money, beauty and values will be filtered through thought processes and communication. Additionally, Virgo adds onto that by being charming, of service, considerate and earthy.

Venus in Virgo wants perfection and order. With this placement, we are prone to take pleasure in thinking, communicating about, and hopefully taking action towards plans for relationships, working out (or other plans for health and beauty), making everyday processes easier, allocating money and organization at home or work. Detail work will be considered more than usual. The little things count here. You’ll find yourself caring more about how much you indulge, how you show affection, how active you are, and how practical your habits are. You will naturally find yourself wanting to be more involved in your friends and significant others’ mundane activities. You’ll also notice if you are giving more than receiving or receiving more than giving in your personal relationships.

Venus in Virgo Transit