Although Virgo child

is eager to please,

she is very clever!

As a sign that is ruled by Mercury, Virgo is ruled by the planet that represents communication and thoughts. Belonging to the Earth element, Virgo is mostly attracted to projects that yield tangible results and is considered to be practical. With both Mercury and earthy influence, she has a very active brain that is concerned with daily affairs and processes. Depending on placements in her birth chart, she may actually find it hard to be practical in some areas of her life due to her attention to detail.

Virgo child enjoys analyzing and understanding how thing work. Although Virgo child’s ability to break things down is impressive, and with so many topics of concern, she might forget to find humor in the very things she thinks about! One of the best things an adult can do for Virgo child is inspire her to laugh at herself and life’s idiosyncrasies, as long as it isn’t at the expense of someone else. From a young age, she should also be taught the importance of balancing her active brain with moments of calmness.

Virgo child’s thirst for knowledge is evident even in her baby years, as she diligently studies her own surroundings for the sake of curiosity. As one of the signs that is considered to be a builder, she loves exploring the ins and outs of objects, ideas and processes. She can easily get lost in solving puzzles or constructing something broken into several parts. Virgo child often finds that she is complimented or praised most when she is being productive. If this is the case, she can experience issues with self-worth, believing that love is conditional based on how much she contributes.

Virgo child learns best by watching and observing. She can benefit from educational television programs and video games. She enjoyed pushing her mental capacity, so she would enjoy having books, puzzles and games that are meant to stimulate the mind. As Virgo child physically grows, her intelligence and attention to detail grows as well. She will show dedication towards any activity she chooses, instead of hopping from one to the next. This dedication comes from being a natural perfectionist – sometimes she will even correct their teacher! At school she can become one of the best students because of her dedication and work ethic. Language will be one of her favorite subjects, whether it is her native or foreign language that she is studying.

She will become emotionally sensitive during her adolescent years, so make sure that you show her love and appreciation throughout the growing process. Finding appreciation for Virgo child will not be hard, though. She is the sign of the helper and is eager to lend a hand where she might be needed. With siblings, she might come to believe that they interrupt the goals she works towards. With a younger sibling, she may be an authoritarian, critical, or even a tattletale, which could cause tension at home. Kindly guide her in the process of getting along with and seeing the best in other children. She may also need some guidance when it comes to being friendly with guests in her home. When parents and relatives understand how Virgo child’s mind works, it will be easy to make her happy.

Although Virgo child is eager to please, she is very clever! Her skills with language and spoken word could lead her around house rules, cleverly spinning your words to work out in her favor. Be sure to concisely write and spell out household rules on paper. At home, make sure Virgo child has separate space to keep her things if she is sharing a bedroom. Virgo has her own sense of organization – some are very organized, while others can have a mess of a room while knowing where everything is. The downside of Virgo child’s particular nature is she can eventually become a workaholic. Although this trait is most noticeable in Virgo adults, parents of Virgo child can keep in mind to watch out for Virgo child spending too much time on minute details. The Virgo mind thinks so rapidly that it is necessary to take breaks and relax. One of the best parts of raising a Virgo child is being on the receiving end of her detail-oriented and helpful nature. She is enthusiastic to help as long as appreciation is given.

If you attempt to help Virgo child, keep in mind that she responds best to tact and kindness. Her emotional nature is complicated, and she might keep her feelings locked up until she lashes out from internal struggle. Show her that it is okay to be upset about matters and to calmly talk about them as they arise. This type of nurturing is important for Virgo child. She gets down on herself when she makes mistakes, so teach her that mistakes are common. Furthermore, if she is in an environment where mistakes are frowned upon, she could become hopeless because she feels disappointment is inevitable.

Some Virgo children and adults may feel that in order to be loved, they must be perfect. For example, she can be assigned a task and end up working on it much longer than others would, doing her best to perfect it. Some may find her meticulousness to be a subject of ridicule, which can cause her to be ashamed of her nature. Empower her by making her feel that her role in any project is critical. You will notice that the educational aspect of school will generate better self-esteem within her. The more she knows, the more confident she will become in herself. Virgo child’s parents can develop her self-esteem from the start by repeatedly and unconditionally demonstrating love and support.