Her disposition changes with her internal situation

and her internal situation is affected

by the stability of her external situation.

Ruled by Pluto and Mars, Scorpio is intense, resilient and poker-faced. Although no longer considered a planet, Pluto still remains a key component in astrology, giving Scorpio the ability to challenge everyone on a deep level, as well as transform herself. Mars graces Scorpio with vitality and discipline. As a fixed sign, she is constant and systematic. Scorpio is commonly symbolized by The Scorpion, but her symbol transforms as she does. Scorpio starts out as the Scorpion, who wears a protective shell, injects others with lethal venom and lives life disguised or hidden. The next, more evolved symbol for Scorpio is The Eagle. The Eagle does not go unnoticed, can strike quickly like the Scorpion, and watches all activity with an “eagle’s eye” from a higher perspective. The last, most evolved symbol for Scorpio is The Phoenix. The Phoenix, once defeated, rises out of its own ashes with worlds of wisdom and experiences.

Getting to truly know Scorpio child can feel a lot like slowly unraveling a mystery. For some children, it is natural to be candid about their inner thoughts and feelings, as they look for guidance on how to deal with them. On the other hand, Scorpio child from a very young age associates her thoughts and feelings with personal power. Socially, she can be very outgoing or reclusive. Either way, you might notice there are times when Scorpio child is unusually quiet. This is because her thoughts and feelings are whizzing throughout her head and her heart.

Scorpio child tends to have an intense emotional nature, and she is very good at hiding this side of herself. By keeping her inner world private, she is unexposed, which gives her the confidence and power to be the person she wants to be around other people. This is also a defense mechanism, as she knows that only few people have earned the right to fully understand her. That being said, Scorpio child will not open up if you simply ask or demand her to. However, if you are consistently candid and honest with her, she will respond (still hesitantly) when you ask her to be emotionally open with you. Scorpio child has a hidden intense nature that she wants to share with the ones she loves, but trust has to be earned first.

Scorpio child has an impressive memory that will surprise you. Her long term memory can vividly and accurately recall sceneries, as well as the people and emotions that were present. That being said, she will keep childhood memories close to her – if there are many painful ones, they will haunt her subconscious. If Scorpio child is not raised to promote love and self-confidence, she will grow into an adult with very deeply suppressed emotional issues. With such issues, she could be happy and silly one minute, and then become somber at the drop of a hat.

Being of the Water element, Scorpio child’s disposition changes with her internal situation; and her internal situation is affected by the stability of her external situation. She navigates the outside world with ease, although she needs a calm and stable environment at home in order to regenerate her battery. If this is not provided for her, she will find solace through excessive amounts of seclusion. If her home is stable, she will be open to finding inner peace among other people, as well as learn to accept flaws in others. Scorpio child also flourishes when her parents naturally show affection and appreciation on a regular basis. She will learn through this example that seeking out positive traits in others has a bonding effect on relationships.

Although she can be loving and loyal, Scorpio child is also hypersensitive to other peoples’ actions. Because she is aware of the repercussions of her own actions, she believes others have this same understanding of themselves. This belief can cause her to be vindictive towards others if they slight her. You may find that Scorpio child goes through great lengths to pay back someone who has inflicted pain on her. Anyone who negatively affects her emotionally may be somehow manipulated to feel the same pain or greater. If she depends on other people (which everyone does), she has to learn to let go of things beyond her control. Teach her the wonderful effect of forgiveness through mentoring and through example. Also be sure to get her to understand that everyone is unique, and that not everyone is deliberate with their own actions. Scorpio needs her parents to be consistently present throughout her life, or she may be led to feel like abandonment is normal. With her parents’ constant love, understanding and willingness to mentor, she will learn to stay positive despite other people’s actions.

When interacting with Scorpio child, it is always best to be honest with her. Her mind is keen and highly intelligent, and she archives much of what people say to her, along with their body language. Without showing, she keeps track of peoples’ stories, including little inconsistencies that might cause her to pain a different picture than what is being conveyed. Scorpio child filters everything through her instinct. She is aware of the fact that most people are not as clever and strong-willed as she is, and she will use power over others if it is available. As her parent, Scorpio child needs to know that you love her unconditionally, but she will still have to abide by certain rules that you decide upon.

If Scorpio child has siblings, make sure she gets alone time with you. The best way for her to feel closer to anyone by having alone time with them. During one-on-one time with others, she may not talk much, or even look as if she is paying attention. However, she will sense you and listen very closely. Scorpio child will pick up your habits and beliefs especially when she admires you, so be sure to act the way you would want her to act. When she loves, she needs it to be shown in spiritual, emotional and physical ways. She feels slighted if your interactions are superficial and filled with small talk. If she does not feel close to you, she will have no issue closing herself off. She knows who she is, as well as who has proven they can be trusted.

Scorpio child can be shockingly intuitive as long as she is being raised in a loving and open environment. Show her the benefits of open communication with friends and loved ones. Many Scorpio children know how to express themselves, but can often use actions instead of words. She may need assistance with learning to effectively communicate verbally. From a young age, she will surprise you with her instincts about other people. Scorpios are born with a keen intuition, though many of them eventually forget how to utilize it. Many psychics are born under this sign. Scorpio rules the 8th house in the Zodiac, which represents the occult among many other things. Scorpio child can look straight into the hearts of other people and learn the truth about their motives and desires. Many psychics are born under this sign. Scorpio rules the 8th house in the Zodiac, which represents the occult among many other things. However, this amazing gift can be stifled or clouded with illusion if it is not embraced during childhood.

The love from Scorpio child transcends emotions, and she is able affect others on a spiritual level. For many Scorpio children, this spiritual connection is enough to keep them feeling connected to people without interaction in the physical realm. As a parent, you might have to keep track of what she is up to without being intrusive, as she will find a way to hide even further if she feels her privacy has been breached. Because of her sense of determination, concentration, and ability to dissect components of all things physical and mental, Scorpio has great potential for wealth. If Scorpio is taught the importance of good will towards others, she will be inclined to contribute her money to good causes. Scorpio child may even be skilled at learning foreign languages. Being of the sign that rules transformation, she will appreciate exploring her multi-faceted talents. She will have fun emulating others and trying her hand at different accents. As for sports, she prefers participating in sports that are self-reliant and require a great amount of concentration. When given instruments or crayons at a young age, she will be excited to explore her creative side. Aquatic activities such as swimming, diving and boating may be of interest as well.