Leo child has a very creative

and imaginative mind.

He loves bright colors, music and sounds.

Leo is born with a playful, creative and passionate spirit. Knowing that Leo rules the Heart (and conversely, Leo is ruled by his heart as well) will help any parent understand Leo child. Although this applies to all children, Leo especially needs to be raised with love, understanding and tenderness to open up his heart. A great way to bond with your Leo child is to partake in his playtime. He loves to play, be it with a board game, dolls, tag, running around with pets or on a computer. You may see that Leo child with time and gifts from an early age, and that is how you know he cares about you. As a token of love, he may bestow you with a gift straight from his room. In his eyes, this is a high compliment! At a young age, he assumes other people like the same things as he does, since he prides himself on his high standards.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which shines boldly at the center of the solar system while other planets revolve around it. Because he is ruled by the Sun, Leo naturally has his own habits and beliefs that his world revolves around. He is open to new ideas as long as they don’t oppose his his own – to understand actions or beliefs from an opposing standpoint might be difficult. A lot of this goes away the more Leo makes friends with different people. He may need guidance in keeping an open mind about which friends to make, though. He can have a tendency to negatively judge people unfairly at first, and often find out later that he actually gets along with them very well.

With the right parenting, Leo child grows into a confident and assertive adult. Even when young, Leo gives off an air of self-confidence, although that is not always the case internally. Although some people may be put off by his confident demeanor, it will be one of the keys to his success. Be sure to promote humility, though! This would be achieved best through not only words, but also through your actions – keep in mind that Leo child rebels against hypocrites. The dark side of confidence can manifest into arrogance and bossiness. If he shows these traits from a younger age, communicate how his actions or words can cause you to respond that negatively. However, if he experiences too much disapproval, he may rebel and deliberately disobey you. To avoid this, stay respectful during times of conflict. This should go without saying, but name calling and belittling any aspect of his personality will leave him scarred. Leo child has a fragile self-esteem that builds as he gets older and finds confidence from within.

Leo likes to live life King sized. As an adult, this could mean owning many pieces of designer clothing, traveling multiple times each year, owning state-of-the-art electronics, or having decorations and furniture that show his good taste. As a child, this could mean that when he wants something, he wants the best of the best. He may have a preference for the best version of a certain toy or sporting good. Even if you do have the means to support this preference, it is best to teach Leo that there are times when it is a wise decision to purchase moderately. Depending on his upbringing, Leo may become one of two extremes: spoiled or eager to please. Neither of these extremes are good for Leo child, so it is good to teach him to be a little bit of both.

Leo child has a very creative and imaginative mind. He loves bright colors, music and sounds. The combination of his mind and love for aesthetics gives him a special knack for theatrical talents. Even the shyest Leo child will find joy in exploring his theatrical side. Early on, enroll him in drama, dance or gymnastics. Leo’s artistic talents are largely attributed to the fact that he can easily act as himself in a wide range of situations. To broaden his abilities, have him imagine himself in other people’s shoes – not just imagine himself other people’s situations, but think, react and feel like them as well. This not only helps him with his artistic talents, but will build compassion within him as well.

Leo is known for his loyalty towards family and friends. However, that loyalty has to be deserved. Leo will maintain his loyalty to you as long as you are honest, tactful, make an effort to spend quality time and add excitement. You are likely to find your Leo toddler surrounded by other children on the playground. As he gets older, you will find that your home becomes a meeting place or a gathering place for friends. This is yet another way that the warmth of the Sun attracts others. In addition to his personal warmth, Leo likes to create a carefree zone for guests. Getting the Leo child to clean up after guests may be difficult. If he is asked to do something he doesn’t want to, “because I said so” is not a reason that he would understand. Being ruled by the Sun, be sure to use reasoning that relates specifically to him. When Leo child becomes condescending, let him know that his tone of voice and his words are coming off that way. Rhetorical questions such as, “what would you think if…” or “ how would you feel if…” can open up Leo child’s mind to why he should address people with consideration.