The Gemini child possesses the amazing

gift to truly understand

multiple sides of situations.

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini prioritizes logical thinking, mental stimulation and communication. He is known to get bored easily and is experienced with many areas of interest because of this. The Gemini baby is born with a quest for knowledge, and is content when there are multiple sources of stimulation in front of him. For example, having toys that all have different functions and a television in the background. He learns to talk quicker than most. Don’t be surprised if he shows signs of being a skilled orator or writer from the moment he can communicate. Even before learning to talk, he uses his hands to communicate quite clearly.

The Gemini child possesses the amazing gift to truly understand multiple sides of situations. In fact, many Gemini children are anxious because their thoughts are at many places simultaneously. It is because of this that Gemini is known for being two-faced. The understanding he has of situations is gathered from the people he meets and the experiences he has.

He is in contact with people a lot, whether or not it is the same few people or a wide range or people. He can dabble here and there just to try out different areas of interest. Parents should purchase classes or supplies in small quantities until Gemini child becomes passionate about pursuing these subjects more. He may need to be shown how to balance hobbies and schoolwork.

Gemini child needs people around him to be solid, stable and consistent. His mind is already very active, so an unstable environment would clutter his mind more. The result would be a child who overthinks things so much that it is difficult to take action. Gemini child also needs to be able to express himself freely. Otherwise, he may go against his true nature and give off an air of reservedness. Another part of his true nature is the desire to try new things purely out of curiosity. These outlets build his multi-faceted personality. He is known for his need to express his thoughts, feelings and imagination. Although Gemini is know to be an excellent orator, verbal expression may not be his most effective. He could find that music, writing, and building creative stories with his vivid mind will help him.

Gemini child prefers being around kids close to his age, so he appreciates when he is in an environment where he can meet friendly neighbors in his age group. In school, he will show an appreciation for language and/or music. If he is passionate about a particular hobby, encourage him to continue his hobby while balancing schoolwork. Gemini child’s hobby can very well lead him to his dream career, even if it seems far-fetched from an outside perspective. While others need peace and quiet to do homework, you’ll find that he is works best when there are multiple activities available. He prefers to work with music or a television playing in the background. You may even be amazed at his ability to absorb information from his homework and the television simultaneously.

Having a Gemini child means constantly exploring. If you allow it, his curiosity will lead you to some memorable adventures! He also learns about new territory by asking plenty of questions. Be ready to answer questions about anything that interests him. When out and about with a Gemini child, he would love it if you fed him information about the places and things you see. He absorbs bits and pieces of information from every little experience. He also likes to share information and ideas. Although factual information is important to Gemini, he may be known to be manipulative and changeable. His mutable and mercurial nature causes him to change opinions and preferences based on his environment. He does not mean to be deceptive, though. He also is not generally disobedient against rules. As long as rules are made crystal clear, he finds it manageable to abide by them unless they happen to stifle his freedom of expression.