Aries can either sway too far

towards competing against himself,

or competing against others.

Aries, ruled by Mars, is influenced by the planet of energy, passion, action, anger and desire. Much like an arrow that Greek God Ares used in war, Aries finds clear direction for his motivations and actions. Just like any sign, he is capable of taking on light and dark characteristics of his sign. Aries is known for being direct with his statements, although his verbal directness strongly depends on how much freedom he was given at a younger age. Mars also imparts a strong sense of competition in Aries, which can be either directed towards striving to be better than others or to keep bettering himself.

Aries can also be eager to please. This trait can manifest as either being eager to please others, or eager to please himself. Aries can balance his light and dark traits in a healthy manner if he is taught to do so from childhood.

Aries is the initiator and leader of the zodiac. Anyone who is around to see Aries child grow up will see his traits develop fairly quickly. Aries baby learns to walk and talk at an early age. When he does talk, his voice is projected so that he can be heard. When young (and even when older) he is enthusiastic about pushing through his boundaries in order to explore new territory. You will find that his curiosity draws him to forbidden territories. His curiosity also leads him to be outgoing with all types of people, and he gets along with other children easily. Although Aries child may have a lot of acquaintances, he has a few peers he genuinely admires and will defend if needed. As with all children, it is very important to teach Aries child to pick friends who uplift him.

The Aries child can be impatient with others when he feels he knows the best way to do things. His intentions behind this are pure and without spite. Because he personally learns through trial and error, repeatedly, he doesn’t want other people to experience what he did just to come to the same conclusion. He is courageous, and he takes risks so that other people don’t have to. Aries is born with an independent spirit, and this must be embraced instead of stifled. With his attraction to the forbidden, he may get carried away with his independence if he is taught that it’s wrong. To embrace his independence, let him learn and explore on his own while keeping an eye on him from a distance. An Aries child may take note of daily routines within his household, but he will experiment to see if he can come up with his own routine to suit his personal needs.

The Aries child is very proud of his achievements. His pride can be easily hurt if his achievements and efforts are overlooked or put to shame. He can overcome this hurt, but it will be hard for him to forget. He is a tenacious go getter, and he thrives off competition to keep track of his own progress. The Aries child is not insecure, but praise from others serves as a reminder that he is on the right track. When he shows off his skills, he seeks admiration from his peers and authority figures. Criticism can be discouraging, so it is best received when paired with praise. He has difficulty openly expressing his own fears and weaknesses due to his pride.

As stated earlier, Aries has quite the competitive nature. Aries can either sway too far towards competing against himself or competing against others. As a caretaker or parent to Aries child, this sense of competition should be nurtured into a healthy self-motivator. Do your best not to compare him to other children including his own family members. While some feel that comparing Aries to others can encourage or motivate him, this technique can backfire, causing Aries child to become discouraged or blindly confident in his own abilities. Although Aries child has natural drive and motivation, he can also easily relinquish his sense of competition if feeling undermined.

Because Aries child has lots of energy, he may be more accident prone than others. When caring for an Aries child, childproof your house as much as you can. Participation in sports and playtime with friends are natural outlets for him, as he has a lot of expendable energy. To balance his physically active lifestyle, it would be best to exercise his mind as well. Have him work on puzzles and brain teasers. Another skill he can be taught to balance out his action-oriented nature is thinking and planning before taking action. Remember that Aries child is excited to face the world, and sometimes he can move too fast to strategize when necessary.

When Aries child decides what he likes, he REALLY likes them. He can eat the same food for days in a row if he loves it. He loves fast things, so he can receive the same race car in different colors and be perfectly content. He believes in individuality and dislikes having to study the same subjects in school. In fact, he can dismiss subjects he finds to be boring. For subjects he is interested in, he is motivated to be a knowledgable expert.