The Virgo Solar & Pisces Lunar Eclipses

It’s about that time again! Mercury retrograde and eclipse season is here. We are currently in Mercury retrograde’s pre-shadow period for the last time in 2015. With a Partial Solar Eclipse in it’s pre-shadow and a Total Lunar Eclipse occurring during its actual retrograde stage, it would be beneficial to consider taking certain precautions.

Mercury went into its pre-retrograde shadow on August 28, and will end on September 17 when Mercury goes retrograde at 15°Libra. Today on September 13, we will experience a Partial Solar Eclipse at 20°Virgo. During Mercury’s retrograde phase, a Total Lunar Eclipse will occur on September 27 at 4°Aries. As with any other astrologically significant transit, it is up to us to open ourselves to learning from these events.

So what does this actually mean for us?

First, let’s cover the basics:

A planet is in retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards from our position on Earth. Retrograde planets don’t actually move backwards – it only appears that way when Earth passes them during their orbits. All planets besides the Sun and Moon are able to go retrograde. When a planet goes retrograde, its energies become a source of concern for people, whether or not they are aware of it.

Because Mercury is a faster-moving planet, its retrograde phases occur more often – about 3 or 4 times a year. Mercury rules communication, thought processes, short travel, machinery and electronics. During Mercury’s retrograde phases, those of us who were born when Mercury was direct often have a hard time thinking and communicating clearly.

This fog that settles over our Mercury-related processes leads to what we all fear about Mercury retrograde – new relationships meet a sharp halt, emails and texts are misconstrued or even unsent for some reason, travel plans are delayed, etc. If you could hold off on buying merchandise, starting and ending relationships, and signing contracts or traveling longer than the normal commute – please do! In order for us to fully function around Mercury retrograde, we must learn to make room for delays and misunderstandings.

From an astrological standpoint, a Solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct. From our vantage point on Earth, the Moon is directly in front of the Sun. During a Solar Eclipse, we experience what it feels like to have the light switch turned off by an unknown force. What we know as comfortable will be, at the least, questioned. On the other end of the spectrum, we can experience Solar Eclipses as a quick spin of the lazy Susan. Our routines can be changed around in a hot second. This is the Universe telling you that your life needed a change anyway!

From an astrological standpoint, a Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are in opposition. From our vantage point, Earth is perfectly sandwiched between the Sun and Moon. During this time, we experience raw emotions and realize our self-imposed setbacks. If you are considering putting the kibosh on a situation that you know deep down inside is bad for you, this would be the aspect that prods you to end it. Also, if you have a settlement or contract that hasn’t quite been finalized yet, this would be a good time to complete them.

September 13’s Solar Eclipse in Virgo will add an analytical perspective to the changes surrounding your life. Changes may occur during this time that you had little control over, but you will appreciate the similarities between Virgo’s energy and Mercury retrograde’s prompt to think instead of initiate action. September 27th’s Lunar Eclipse being in Aries will give us the urge to take action to appease our emotional needs. However, because the Lunar Eclipse calls for ending situations that are less than ideal, these endings will most likely be for your best interest anyway.

It is very important to understand that your decisions during Mercury retrograde may not ultimately fit your needs. Also, changes made at this time will often go back to the way they were before Mercury went retrograde. Because the Solar and Lunar eclipses shake up our lives, it is important that we allow changes to take place. However, it is in our best interest to think deeply or postpone decisions before we take action towards initiating or finalizing anything in our lives during Mercury retrograde.

If you know what time you were born, you can see which house(s) the Solar and Lunar Eclipses will take place, and where Mercury goes retrograde and direct in your birth chart. You can brace yourself for the upcoming potential lessons this way! For the Solar and Lunar  Eclipses (20°Virgo and 4°Aries, respectively), we can foresee which house(s) will experience changes that the Universe prompted. If 00° or 15°Libra falls in certain houses, or if it makes aspects to other planets it other houses, be aware of the Mercury retrograde mental shifts in these areas. Notice how each house has their own ways of planning and working with existing dynamics during the retrograde:

*You will need a natal chart to check your house placements! Input your birth date, birth time and birth city/town here for your natal chart.

The Eclipses Through The Houses


1st house: you will be hyper-sensitive to how you project yourself and communicate with others at this time. Take this time to build your self-confidence by appreciating who you already are. Otherwise, if you have felt unsure about a part of yourself for some time, you can work on that by building a plan on how to work on it. Refrain from executing any parts of your plans that aren’t reversible.

2nd house: financial and moral values are at the forefront. You will question how well your finances fund your lifestyle and reevaluate the things and ideas you value. You might feel a need to start new ventures pertaining to money. Instead of doing so, review your current situation, and make lists to keep track of what you spend money on and what areas of your life you might need more support.

3rd house: you will have foggy or hindered communication, ways of processing information or travel plans. You might notice your brain working more than you are used to. You can also overlook details in traveling and communicating. Do your best to rehash details before finalizing plans, hitting the send button, and talking. Back up your digital information.

4th house: family affairs and your life at home will be highlighted. You can have realizations about or find information on your family and home. You can notice that repressed feelings from childhood are arising. If you feel a need to change things up at home, hold back from buying anything that isn’t necessary. Instead, rearrange furniture and move things around to organize yourself better. If repressed feelings or memories are starting to blow up, simply let them – you will be better for it.

5th house: children, self-expression and romance are likely going to be a theme. If your creative expression is blocked, look to your uninhibited inner child for inspiration – play around, let go of some of your adult ways. You can also take an interest in artistic expression such as painting or photography. If you have children you may be able to connect with them easier now. If you are feeling a romantic rut, spend time doing things that make you feel sexy and young again.

6th house: you will find yourself concerned with health, daily routine and work routines. At work, assess your work space and adjust things so that it is more practical. Also assess your work relationships and take time out to notice your  At home, take time out to prepare a meal plan and workout regimen before waiting to follow through after Mercury goes direct.

7th house: relationships with others are going to be brought to your attention. These relationships can be either marriage or business partnerships. Take a second to think of how you could communicate with others better. Reinforce boundaries and terms in personal and business relationships. This may take place on a contract or written agreement.

8th house: shared resources, debt, death, regeneration, intimacy and/or taxes will be on your mind this Mercury retrograde. The words “death” and “regeneration” may be a bit scary, but they characterize 8th house matters. During Mercury retrograde, the “death” of certain limiting ideas, possible sexual issues, secrets and debts are positive ways to set up for “regeneration” after Mercury has gone direct.

9th house: you will have serious thoughts about travel, your path in life, your future, your philosophies and your educational progress. Hold off on strict travel plans at this time if possible, but use this time to start figuring out your next vacation. Thoughts of going back to school may run through your mind. If enrollment can wait, please do so. If not, take a look at what you have studied and what subjects you are going to study.

10th house: concerns with career will take place at this time. If you have a stable job, make sure that your ducks are all in a row. If not, call or email to check up on the statuses of positions you’ve applied to previously; or search around for other career possibilities, but don’t apply just yet. Take extra care to make sure that communication is clear in the work place. If a contract must be signed before Mercury goes direct, go over it with the other parties involved.

11th house: friends, networking, goals and dreams will be areas of concern. There may be some misunderstandings in these areas. An old friend may resurface, or some people you associate with may act different from what you are used to. You may also come to the weird realization that your dreams and goals are not the same as they used to be. It’s a good time to work on existing relationships and unfinished goals.

12th house: your focus is going to be on recharging yourself in solitude. For the next few weeks you might find yourself wanting more alone time and silence than usual. You might dig up some old and repressed feelings. You might realize some of the subconsciously-driven patterns that hinder you from taking action in certain areas of your life. This house will call for introspection instead of action, which is exactly what Mercury retrograde asks of everyone.


This was about how to mentally prepare for Mercury retrograde and Eclipse season!