Planetary Transits & Life’s Big Questions

I’ve been asked a lot of the same questions in the past month or so! I realized there may be others who have the same questions, so I wanted to impart a bit of my knowledge to let you know that if you are going through these issues, you are not alone. The majority of questions clients have asked me lately are related to career and overall direction. Currently, everything that people thought they knew about their personal journey is being questioned repeatedly. Let me know if any of these sound like the voice in your head ūüôā :

Am I in the right field?

What can I do to feel fulfilled yet be successful?

What do I need to do to get where I’m going?

Am I going to love or regret the path I’ve decided to take?

From an astrological standpoint, I see why. We are now under several planetary influences that cause us to feel the need to fulfill our soul’s purpose, explore our subconscious, look deeper into our existence on this earth, execute correctly and take an active approach. People with Natal charts dominated by action-oriented and extroverted planetary placements and aspects may have recently experienced a shift in thinking. On the other hand, those with Natal charts dominated by thought-oriented and introverted planetary placements will feel these influences to a lesser degree.

Below¬†are some of the more dominant transits taking place at the moment. When a planet is in retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards. This influences us to access¬†this planet’s energies in a more introverted manner that many of us may not be completely comfortable with. Keep in mind that from the time¬†a planet goes direct (from being in retrograde) to when a planet goes to the degree it went retrograde at, we still experience it’s shadow periods before and after retrograde. The¬†pre-retrograde shadow occurs¬†before the retrograde motion¬†and will often initiate issues that we work through during the retrograde period. The post-retrograde shadow¬†occurs¬†after the retrograde motion and will give us the time¬†to reflect and figure out where we went right or wrong.


Main Influences

Saturn in Scorpio

(June 14-September 17)

On September 17, Saturn will be in Scorpio for the last time until November 2041. Until then, Saturn’s affect on us is one that makes us crave deeper interactions; intimacy that brings to the surface what many of us have stifled. Collectively, we are longing for interactions and personal existence that stimulates our souls. Saturn in Scorpio encourages us to look at the existence of behaviors, people and situations in our lives and ask, “But what have you done for me? Do you play a necessary role in what I want and need from life? Do you stimulate me on a deeper level?”. We are inspired to our illuminate our paths by reeling in what is needed to attain our goals and by eliminating what is unnecessary.


Pluto Rx in Capricorn

(April 16-September 24)

Scorpio and Capricorn have been¬†in mutual reception, meaning they have housed each other’s planets since October of 2012, when Saturn went into Scorpio. (Exception: Saturn was in Sagittarius from December 2014-June 2015.) Pluto was in Capricorn January-June 2008 before it retrograded into Sagittarius. Pluto came back to Capricorn in November 2008 and will stay there until 2024.

Pluto goes into retrograde once a year for about half the year. When this happens, we are compelled to utilize our transformative Plutonian powers more than we normally do. Especially with Scorpio and Capricorn in mutual reception during the past 3 Pluto retrogrades, Plutonian and Saturnian influences have been combined and amplified to shine light on personal responsibility and our place among others. We ask ourselves, “Am I where I am meant to be, and am I really as happy as I portray? What do I need to change to feel more in control of my life? How do I feel about my place in this world, and what would I need do if I wanted something else? How can I gain the respect of others?” Familial and social concerns are better kept for when Pluto is direct and less introspective.


Neptune Rx in Pisces

(June 12-November 18)

Neptune has been in Pisces (and back in Aquarius for several months in 2011) since February of 2011 and will be there until 2025. When Neptune changes signs, we see shifts in where our collective innovational and imaginative energies are allocated. Neptune is at home in Pisces, which means that we have recently seen and will continue to see innovational ideas and decisions for the greater good. Our creative and innovative ideas have and will continue to be inspired by water, movement, spiritual awareness, illuminating the collective unconscious and subconscious, and feet.
So what does Neptune in retrograde in Pisces mean for us as individuals? We are prompted to see the world and others through our 6th sense filters. We recognize issues that need to be addressed and positive situations that need to be appreciated. Ignoring these inklings may lead to an overall feeling of dissatisfaction that Neptune’s mask won’t be able to hide. A great thing about Neptune is that when it is in retrograde once a year, we can trust that our intuition (not thoughts, worries, insecurities or feelings. Intuition.) is on our side.


Chiron Rx in Pisces

(June 24-November 28)

Chiron has been and will continue to be in Pisces from February 2011-February 2019, with the exception of a retrograde period in Aquarius in 2018. From the previous influences of Chiron in Aquarius, we as a whole are transitioning out of the humanitarian-yet-disconnected way of relating to others. Chiron in Pisces is asking us to relate to others on a Soul level; surrender personal control in favor of universal influences; and to heal deep-rooted wounds, unconscious and subconscious issues so we can achieve unconditional love. Chiron in Aquarius promotes¬†universal healing¬†because we all deserve to be¬†cared for, whereas Chiron in Pisces promotes universal healing because we are all “one” on the spiritual plane.

Chiron in retrograde brings unhealed wounds to our attention for repair. It is a time to re-experience pain so we can rid ourselves of unresolved issues. For people who are awesome like me and don’t like to feel feelings, I encourage you to face your emotional wounds so that you won’t have to¬†carry them around¬†in your subconscious. The house and planets that Chiron transit in your chart will help pinpoint where your personal pain and healing process is applied.


Supporting Influences

Venus Rx in Virgo/Leo

(July 25-31/July 31-September 6)

Retrograde Venus has us seeing¬†our love life, love languages¬†and financial decisions differently. We second-guess the people, situations and possessions¬†we normally love. Additionally, at this time we put faith in and are attracted to¬†people, situations and possessions¬†that we normally wouldn’t be. With Virgo’s influences, we may do both of these things by overanalyzing and possibly criticizing our current situations. With Leo’s influences, we may do so by¬†viewing¬†these situations from a more ego-based standpoint. Combine both signs’ energies, and you get a world of people who look at others¬†and believe that their way is the only way to do things. In terms of the “big” questions I stated earlier, we are prone to micro-analyzing our current path in life and wondering if it¬†fits in with¬†our identities.

Uranus Rx in Aries

(July 26-December 25)

In the six months that Uranus goes retrograde every year, we are compelled to¬†make¬†big¬†changes out of the blue. Although we don’t always follow through with changes like these, the seed is at least planted at the time. This influence sounds destructive, but it is essential to growing out of our previous comfort zones. Many of these¬†thoughts are influenced by our innate desire to put our personal stamp on what we offer the world.

With Uranus retrograde in Aries, we are even further compelled to dive into our desired changes without thinking things through. We want results from our efforts, and we want them now. People are also inspired to feel and communicate with more aggression than normal. This transit is a prime example of cosmic disruption. Because the other long-term transits are in Water or Earth signs, Uranus brings action to the introspection of the other outer planets.

Jupiter in Virgo

(August 11 2015- September 9, 2016)

With big-picture Jupiter in detail-oriented Virgo for the next year, we will find ourselves refining¬†the processes it takes to get to where we are headed. For those who aren’t naturally detail-oriented, this transit may have¬†people feeling like the details are too time-consuming. Psychologically, this would cause people¬†to question if their efforts are worth the results.


I know what you’re thinking! “Planets go retrograde all the time. People get introspective and question their lives all the time. Why are the transits special now?” I believe it all comes down to a widespread buzz¬†that¬†a different¬†type of energy is right around the corner. With Saturn in Scorpio¬†adding onto the energy we’re already spending on fulfilling our soul’s purposes and desires, we can feel change coming. Personally, I’m relieved that Saturn in Sagittarius will take away some of¬†the watery intensity in the outer planets – it’s¬†messing¬†with my 12th house denial.

When Saturn transits Sagittarius from September 2015 to December 2017, we will still be influenced by soul-searching Pisces, Pluto in status-conscious Capricorn, Uranus in self-driven Aries and Jupiter in analytical Virgo. The Pisces planets will encourage us to see the big picture in terms of collective soul fulfillment, whereas Saturn in Sagittarius will encourage us to look at the big picture through practical eyes. Sagittarius is the sign of education, philosophy, international travel, optimism; Saturn rules karmic debt, restriction and incorporation of harsh realites. With Pluto remaining in Capricorn, we will continue to promote changes to define our status among others.

Individually, we will find that with Saturn in Sagittarius, dynamic change paired with rational thinking will either support or dismiss the soul callings we experienced with Saturn in Scorpio. We will see the difference between what we truly want and what we think we want to achieve. Although Saturn “mutes” the energy of fire signs, the other long-term Fire sign transit (Uranus in Aries) will be supported nicely before Saturn moves into its home in Capricorn in December 2017.

Under these optimistic, caring, expansive and reality-checking planetary influences, one of my Neptunian dreams is that the U.S. government will own up to¬†the fact¬†that the future¬†for my generation and younger hasn’t been thoroughly considered.¬†Perhaps Obama could use¬†Virgo Jupiter’s energies by¬†constructing thorough plans to fix these issues before his time is up. Perhaps whomever U.S. citizens elect for¬†2017 can concentrate on current issues that will kick our future asses if we don’t fix them asap. Maybe issues of rising tuition debt amongst generations of people who can’t even find decent-paying jobs,¬†alongside the slow rising¬†of the U.S. Dollar value will be brought to the forefront. Hopefully¬†we will find a solution to the daunting fact¬†that our Social Security fund is most likely going to dry out by 2034, when my parents will hopefully be retired. Maybe¬†we could¬†find solutions¬†by taking¬†tips from other countries…? Saturn in Sagittarius thinks it’s a good idea.

*Specific transiting influences change from person to person and can be determined by comparing them to your Natal chart*