People with Venus in Scorpio have the ability to become deeply encompassed by love relationships. When in love, this person has a desire to control the course of the relationship. Scorpio Venus may find most relationships to be boring, as they prefer to be in one that incorporates a bit of surrender. They are very dedicated, crave intimacy, and they have a preference for commitment. Whomever partners with a Scorpio Venus will get the sense that they are being possessed in an endearing manner. Scorpio Venus is very loyal and loving. However, they “see red” when severely hurt, and they can flare up when angry.

Scorpio Venus has a penetrating mind and feels situations out as a private investigator would. They are able to see past facades and identify weaknesses. The more you talk with them, the more you will notice that they keep track of little details about you. Scorpio Venus wants to know as much as possible about other people. This is their way of finding out how to nurture and treat you in certain situations. What’s the best way to console you when you are feeling down? During a fight, what makes you tick? What could they do to put the biggest smile on your face? After Scorpio Venus has seen past peoples’ masks, they are purely looking for someone who is loyal, open to intensity, a connection of souls and an envelopment of bliss when they are together.

Scorpio Venus can be skeptical (or even suspicious) about new people, and may have several small talk conversations with you before deciding whether or not they would like to get to know you. As friends, they are high-spirited listeners and partners in crime. They know how you take your coffee. They will uplift you by helping you identify your own strengths, overcoming hard times with you, giving keen insight to your confusion, and being a part of as much as your life as you allow. Scorpio Venus can make it a point to learn all about others, but they keep a lot to themselves. Some take advantage of their abilities to influence and exploit others, while others have the best intentions in mind. For the Scorpio Venus who deserves it, understand that loyalty is taken very seriously. Whether your relationship is platonic or romantic, they will most likely become silently jealous of other people in your life.


When Venus is transiting Scorpio, those with Venus in other signs experience the above energies to a much smaller extent.