Mary Jo’s Services

Introductory Reading - First-time clients only

$299 (60 min)

Mary Jo’s Introductory Readings are given over a 60 min face-to-face session (Skype or In Person). She will address your personality, recurring and evolving themes in your life, your soul's intentions, as well as specific concerns such as career and love life. In this interactive reading, Mary Jo will also provide tips and tools that you can use to progress every day. The tools in this reading can include your Astrology Birth Chart, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Numerology and/or Pendulum upon request.

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Advanced Reading

$499 (90 min)

Mary Jo’s Advanced readings use personalized astrology and numerology to answer specific questions about certain situations or trends in your life. She will help you identify the best ways to build upon your strengths and weaknesses. Here, Mary Jo can address specific concerns pertaining to career, romance, public life, self-esteem, spirituality and your future. This 90 min reading is available face-to-face via Skype or In Person. In addition to your natal chart, Mary Jo can read up to 2 astrology charts that address relationships, yearly forecasts, progressions, relocation and soul purpose.

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Reiki Healing Session (60 min)


Reiki aids in mental, psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical issues. Physical issues healed through Reiki include, but are not limited to: muscle and joint pain, fatigue, infertility, and digestive issues. Treatment can be administered to evaluate and balance Chakras, which govern psychological and spiritual energies. Healing can also add blessings to certain situations you may need help in such as job placement, relationship and other various concerns. You can schedule one for in person, or over Skype.

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