Happy Libra Full Moon đź’ś


Full Moons occur when the Sun and the Moon are at exact opposite degrees in the zodiac. So, when the Moon eand Sun are opposition each other during Aries Season, we get the Libra Full Moon. This aspect brings our attention to points of tension in our lives caused by opposing influences. For example, your wants vs. your needs. Your wants vs. other people’s wants. Work vs. personal life.

In the case of Aries vs. Libra, we can see common themes of The Self vs. Others, or Targeted Focus vs. Harmony. Your goals from the Aries New Moon on March 27 can be adjusted to tailor to your preferences, needs or limitations. The Aries New Moon was about starting fresh, and bringing new intentions into the astrological year. The Libra Full Moon is telling us to basically forget about the mindset of obtaining that which we lack – this is mostly referring to how we struggle internally about characteristics and talents that we wish we had. How about we improve what we already have? If we build upon what is natural for ourselves, progress and growth would be exponential in relation to how it would be to start and build on something we don’t already know.

The Full Moon generally aids us in shedding what we don’t need. Let’s shed some extra stress and stop focusing on working hard for no reason. Do you want an end result, but the way you’ve been going about it hasn’t worked for you? Or is there any way you can break down your wants and needs into simpler terms? Think of other ways you can obtain that end result without feeling like you’re working endlessly. We all have underutilized talents – perhaps you can access those to get what you want. Or have any of your intentions been unrealistic given your limitations? In that case, it might be best to work on something else that would generate the same type of satisfaction within you.



First you need to know your Sun Sign and your Ascendant (Rising) Sign. The Sun sign is your birthday, but you can only know your Rising sign, if you know the exact time of your birth.  If you are curious about this, please look at our free Natal Chart calculator to find your fate. Below you can find your Rising sign and Sun sign’s Aries New Moon intentions.

(NOTE: for more advanced Astrologers – If you have an interception in your chart, or uneven houses, read the signs on either side of your Rising sign to see if one of them makes more sense to you, the Full Moon could fall in another life area, if this is the case.)

In terms of intentions, take a piece of paper (or your phone notes), write down any difficulties you have experienced when it comes to manifesting your intentions from the Aries New Moon. Say you don’t have any New Moon intentions written down? No problem. I guarantee you have some goals or intentions that you have focused on for the past 2 weeks, even if you didn’t know about the New Moon. If you have experienced any difficulties, find your Sun and/or Rising Sign below to help you figure out how you can conquer or work around these difficulties.




The correlation between success and happiness is a changeable one. Say you realize that you want something. If you obtain it, that makes you feel happy and successful. However, the second you focus on the next thing you lack, and your attempts to obtain it are unsuccessful, does that make you feel less successful and less happy than you did a second ago?

That being said, have fun with these Full Moon revisions. Don’t take them or yourself too seriously, and don’t put too much weight on them.


During the Libra Full Moon, your Sun sign and Rising Sign can show an inclination to certain revisions. The Aries New Moon was about physically acting towards what you want in your life. Now, the Libra Full Moon is asking you to step back and see if you have been tipping the scales in favor of anything that might have consumed you recently. Remember, Libra is all about balance and harmony. If there is anything you have been focusing on heavily with not much progress, it might be time to nurture other parts of you life you might have neglected in the process.

If you don’t know what your rising sign is, see our free Birth Chart calculator. You will need your exact time of birth for accuracy.

If you are a(n):

Aries or Aries Rising, change is needed if: you realize that you have strayed from what makes you uniquely you, and/or your tendency to seek out new experiences.

Questions to ask yourself: Am I having a hard time figuring out what I want, even for simple decisions? Have I become cynical or have I lost my natural inner youth?
Taurus or Taurus Rising, change is needed if: you can think of things you’ve done recently that have completely rocked your sense of security or if you have been feeling uncomfortable no matter what you do.

Questions to ask yourself: am I putting my wants over my needs lately? Am I supplementing my life with material possessions to make up for something else I might be lacking?
Gemini or Gemini Rising, change is needed if: you’re feeling like your mobility and/or expression has been stifled lately. Think of situations in which that is applicable, or whose influence might make you feel this way.

Questions to ask yourself: are my interactions lately feeling either forced or superficial? Have I stopped asking questions out of curiosity?


Cancer or Cancer Rising, change is needed if: you have propelled yourself out into the world more than usual. You might also feel like you’ve deprived yourself of affection or love.

Questions to ask yourself: am I feeling like I can’t go another day without some serious alone time? Am I getting flustered over the small stuff?
Leo or Leo Rising, change is needed if: you are feeling self-conscious. You might also realize you’ve been too consumed with projects or anything that might need fixing in your life.

Questions to ask yourself: what has gotten me down lately? Do I feel like I’m losing control? Whatever causes me to lose that charming optimism and/or your confidence, should lose its importance.


Virgo or Virgo Rising, change is needed if: you find yourself stopping to wonder why you’re not doing something that you’d rather be doing. You can change that if you want to.

Questions to ask yourself: do I feel like I’ve lost purpose? How about my contributions to whatever I’ve been doing lately – do I feel like I’m contributing enough? Why?


Libra or Libra Rising, change is needed if: you find yourself losing poise, or thinking or acting out irrationally lately. Also, if you are more suspicious of others than usual. You may have been looking to the wrong places to find happiness.

Questions to ask yourself: do I find myself looking everywhere but myself for things that are going wrong? Am I happy with the way I’ve been presenting myself lately?
Scorpio or Scorpio Rising, change is needed if: you feel like you are at someone else mercy lately. Also, if you’re in a rut and don’t see how to get it of it… if these are familiar feelings lately, try to stop focusing on what other people want.

Questions to ask yourself: Can I get a read on people and situations like I’m used to? Do I feel like I am unable to control my immediate environment?


Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising, change is needed if: you’re fiery for sure, but what upsets you usually dies down quick. A lot of the time it’s because you can’t help but talk about it. If you find yourself dwelling on something, maybe it’s time to think about anything but that

Questions to ask yourself: am I being kept from being out and about lately, when I’m so used to wanting to explore constantly? Or am I exhausted? Who would’ve thought?
Capricorn or Capricorn Rising, change is needed if: as a creature of habit you find yourself seeking happiness in new territory, and you still aren’t happy. You can also feel as if you aren’t working or functioning as efficiently.

Questions to ask yourself: Am I consumed by worry lately? Am I feeling like I could easily give up on everything I’ve been working for?
Aquarius or Aquarius Rising, change is needed if: you notice yourself throwing caution to the wind especially when going against beliefs that you once held onto for dear life. Also, if are relinquishing control when you normally have it.

Questions to ask yourself: am I constantly questioning truths or facts that have been firmly established? Am I letting other people’s opinions affect mine so much that I’m confused?


Pisces or Pisces Rising, change is needed if: as a generally peaceful being, you find yourself having aggressive thoughts or acting aggressively. If you stop to look at your plans for the present and the future, and they are meticulous.

Questions to ask yourself: Am I pushing my feelings, instincts and compassion aside so that I can resume my life? If so, would I rather have a life in which I can use these things as tools to make life easier?