Asteroid Name: Juno

Named After: The Roman Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth; represents the Month of June, Love, Dedication, Peacock Lovers and Community Protection

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Might Remind You Of: A Virgo who puts Love On Top. Not Beyonce necessarily, just a Beyonce quote.

Juno is the ancient Roman goddess of Marriage and Childbirth, as well as the Queen of the gods. Her darker-spirited, Greek counterpart is Hera. Juno’s father is Saturn, and she was married to her brother Jupiter. Juno stayed faithful to Jupiter even though he was known to tramp around quite a bit. She rarely gave into pangs of jealousy when Jupiter was involved with other women, unlike Hera, who used her powers to make Zeus’ “other” women suffer. Juno’s image erred more on the “light” side of marriage, which was of a faithful wife and loving mother. Juno was also the light-giver during the New Moon – astrologically speaking, this easily ties into her matronly ways. Her example as a dedicated wife and protective mother were worshipped by Roman women. Married Roman women depended on Juno to watch over them and grant successful childbirth, and single Roman women prayed to her for a suitable husband.

When reading a natal chart, planets, asteroids and axis points come together to reveal the depths of each person’s nature. The Sun represents our ego, outer persona and conscious mind. The Moon reveals our emotional needs and expression, and instinctual responses. Venus shows us our love and romantic attraction nature. Mars covers our sexual attraction, anger and assertion. The Descendant reveals parts ourselves that we reserve for close relationships, as well as characteristics in others that we feel will “complete” us in some way. Eros directs us towards passion and desire. Psyche will tell us how we support others and how we receive mutual support in romantic love. If you are going to use any asteroid in astrology, keep in mind that it is a rule of thumb amongst astrologers to stick to a 3° orb at most – I personally prefer to use 2° orbs. I have reconciled with this tight orb mostly because I know that asteroids don’t have as strong as a gravitational pull due to their size, and therefore, do not affect objects further away in the elliptical.

In astrology, the asteroid Juno is all about commitment and loyalty. Juno represents what we desire in marriage and how we show outlasting devotion. She may very well give us a preview of how our romantic soulmate partners and relationships would play out. Additionally, Juno’s aspects in a chart reveals deeper aspects of our wants and desires when we are in a long-term committed relationship. Some of these aspects can flick on the lightbulb above our heads. For example, a Scorpio who likes to choose his words wisely could very well lead him to fall for a Gemini-type who talks endlessly, or a relationship that teaches him to communicate more frequently because of his Juno in the 3rd house. Other aspects can be very ugly. Juno fills in the blanks when other planet and asteroid placements seem to merely graze over the cold, hard truth. Looking into Juno’s placement and aspects for the first time is like watching TV in 1080p resolution for the first time – she adds SO much more detail that you didn’t realize you needed.

As most asteroids, Juno’s importance in a birth chart varies from person to person. Juno’s influence on a person is greater when she is conjunct or opposition a planet or axis point. After quite a bit of research, I have found that Juno conjunct Sun and the Ascendant show up in charts of those who are “known” for getting married more than the average person.

Natal Juno conjunct Sun
I have a client who has Juno conjunct Sun in the 4th house in Taurus. One can deduce that this client of mine strongly identifies with marriage and committed relationships, and that she will find that most of her development as a person will be through devoted romantic relationships. IRL, she is 28 and has been engaged twice, and in between each relationship went into shorter monogamous relationships. My client’s Juno in Taurus tells me that she stays committed to someone who is stable, predictable and nurturing. Famous TV personality Larry King also has Sun conjunct Juno, taking place in the 10th house in Scorpio. With Juno in Scorpio, Larry King is more likely to stay committed to one who treats him like he is the most important person in her life. He has been married 8 times, and has even said that some of his marriages took place because “it was the thing to do.”

Natal Juno conjunct Ascendant
The two women with the most marriages in Hollywood, Bonny Lee Bakley (10 marriages) and Zsa Zsa Gabor (9 marriages) both have Juno conjunct Ascendant. To simplify this aspect, the world was their oyster in terms of being able to find marriage partners. Bonny Lee Bakley is a Gemini with a goal-oriented Capricorn Ascendant. In fact, it was discovered by investigators that Bonny may have been married much more than 10 times, with most of these marriages being invalid. She was a well-known “groupie” whose goal was to marry a famous actor or musician. Zsa Zsa Gabor is an Aquarius with a Virgo Ascendant. Zsa Zsa had a successful acting career in Hollywood, which has lasted for decades. She wrote a witty memoir/advice guide with the heavily Juno conjunct Ascendant-influenced title “How to Catch a Man, How to Keep a Man, How to Get Rid of a Man.”

For those with “less-weighted” planets in aspect to Juno, such as myself, Juno plays out a little differently. Juno is in my 7th house opposite Venus and Chiron in the 1st house. Juno in the 7th house says that I am strongly committed to those I am married to or partnered with, and it is ultimately important to me that we can take care of each other equally. I do believe in equal but different roles in relationships and marriage. The 7th house encompasses committed romantic relationships as well as business partnerships. With Juno in Sagittarius, I find myself committing to those who I feel I can learn from endlessly. I like people from different backgrounds than myself. A marriage of diverse intellectual and spiritual contributions turns me on. With my Juno opposite Venus, my behavior in romantic relationships conflict what I actually want in a serious partner. For example, lending my ex-boyfriend thousands of dollars for gambling when I would rather be with someone who can provide for me. Foolish, I know. But we live and we learn, right? Especially through relationship in my case, as my Venus is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. Let’s just say I’ve kissed quite a few frogs. Just kidding, mom 😁

Other than the natal chart, Juno carries its weight in transits to the natal chart as well as in progressed charts. Juno can indicate a marriage proposal. I have seen this influence with transiting planets as well as the North Node and Part of Fortune. In a composite or Davison chart, a strongly aspected Juno could show me a couple who stays together in the hardest of times even though other people don’t understand why. In synastry, Juno activated by another person’s planet can awaken a desire to commit even when this person is generally non-committal. However, if Juno is badly aspected in someone’s birth chart, he/she may not want to commit to someone whose planets or axis points aspect his/her Juno. If you have Juno conjunct Neptune, for example, that can tell me that earlier in life you would be in relationships that involve a lot of sacrifice because it was your way of trying to connect spiritually – it would make sense if you were to associate relationships with sacrifice until you learn to handle those energies wisely. Someone whose Descendant falls on that conjunction will trigger that association. This person would definitely make you feel some type of way, but your propensity for commitment to the person would flip like a strobe light. As your Juno-Neptune matures, you will be drawn to relationships with people who will inspire you and communicate with you on a psychic level. This aspect can also show that you are very committed to your own spirituality.

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