Chakras were first documented in the the Vedas thousands of years ago. Today, Chakras are a well-known term, thanks to yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and New Age crazies such as myself. However, the concept of Chakras has been twisted and compromised in so many ways – kind of like that Telephone Game (also creepily known as “Chinese Whispers” in other countries) in which people whisper their own interpretations of the original phrase and the end result is often strikingly different. In order to understand the Chakras, I feel it is important to know and understand the belief/science behind them. Here in Part I of my explanation of the Chakras, I will be explaining each of the Physical and Spiritual Subtle Bodies, which are each connected to a particular Chakra. Coming next is a history lesson on how the concept of Chakras were developed. The last part of my explanation of the Chakras will go in-depth about each Chakra, and what symptoms one may experience when Chakras are balanced and imbalanced.

According to spiritual science, we have 2 types of “bodies”: Physical and Subtle. The Physical body is the tangibly existing body made of skin, muscle and bones. The Subtle body is then comprised of 7 layers and bodies which make up our aura. Starting with the closest to our physical bodies, we have the Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric Template, Celestial and Causal bodies. The 7 Subtle bodies are then split up into two groups: physical plane bodies – this includes the Etheric, Emotional, and Mental; and spiritual plane bodies – this includes the Etheric Template, Celestial and Causal bodies. The Astral body serves as a bridge between the Physical plane and Spiritual plane bodies.



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[From the center moving outwards: Physical Body (thanks for censoring the penis, Root Chakra), Etheric Body (light blue/gray), Emotional Body (multicolored clouds of energy),  Mental Body (bright yellow), Astral Body (rose-tinted colors), Etheric Template Body (cobalt blue), Celestial Body (opalescent pastel colors with golden/silver light), and Causal Body (Golden with threads)]

The Etheric Body is made of life energy (Prana in Sanskrit) or Ether, which is the state between energy and matter. This is the lower resonance, or the physical of the two etheric bodies. The Etheric Body is associated with physical sensations and is composed of energy channels (Nadis in Sanskrit) which carries information that guides cellular growth and health of our physical bodies. This is the layer in which our Chakras are accessed, though this particular layer corresponds with the Root Chakra. The color that this layer emits ranges from gray to light blue. This body can be weakened by poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors and electromagnetic pollution.

The Emotional Body is a more fluid layer that meshes with the Physical and Etheric bodies. It is associated with our likes and dislikes, and emotional feelings towards ourselves – these feelings can be reflected in colored clouds of energy that appear in our aura. The colors of these clouds, and you can have multiple, reflect our emotional makeup, e.g. red for passion or anger. Since this layer meshes with the Physical and Etheric bodies, emotional imbalances and suppression often lead to physical illness. This body corresponds with the Sacral Chakra.

The Mental Body is associated with our thoughts, ideas, wisdom and mental processes. This body generally emits shades of yellow – an active mind will show a brighter yellow. Although it is normal to weigh out our thoughts and feelings, the Mental Body can often be overwhelmed by the Emotional Body if too many emotions are taken into account in the thinking process, and vice versa. The Mental Body corresponds with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Astral Body, as stated previously, serves as a bridge between the Physical plane bodies to the Spiritual plane bodies. This layer is another emotional body, but particularly pertains to emotions towards others. The Astral Body also emits clouds of various colors, though a rose-colored tint is given to these clouds especially if the person has a lot of love for others. In fact, when a person is in love, the Astral layer will project rose-colored light. Hey, it’s like rose-colored glasses!
On the astral level, energy is passed between people. Think about how, when you meet someone without knowing him, you get a vibe or feeling about this person – this is energy being passed between you two on the astral level. When you develop a relationship with someone, rose-colored cords form between both of your Chakras. The longer the relationship and the better the connection, the more cords will form. When the relationship ends, you find yourself having to “cut the cord” emotionally and find ways to get over the pain.
The Astral Body also holds our emotional baggage. This is where we keep our shitheap of unresolved issues in relationships. Whether or not you have unresolved issues from this life or past lives is indicative in how you treat the ones you love. The Astral Body is also the body that stays awake during dreams and is the layer that leaves the body during out of body experiences. This body is associated with the Heart Chakra.

The Etheric Template Body is the first of the Spiritual plane bodies, meaning this body exists in the Spiritual dimension. It existed before our physical bodies and serves as the creative template for the Etheric Body to take. It is also the body that holds our higher purpose. In order to find and express our higher purpose through our physical bodies, we can reconnect to our Etheric Template Body (a state known as Samadhi) through meditation. This body operates on a universal level and is considered to be where the knowledge of Astrology comes from. A clairvoyant can see this body as dark blue with clear lines running through. The Etheric Template Body is associated with the Throat Chakra.

The Celestial Body is the higher resonance of the Emotional Body, existing on the Spiritual plane. When connected to the Celestial Body (a state known as Nirvana) through meditation and transformational work, we are able to communicate with others in the Spiritual realm. Here we also find inspiration to love on a spiritual and universal level – love for humankind, unconditional love for others and ourselves, unconditional faith and emotional strength. When disconnected from the Celestial Body, those perks are hard to come by. To clairvoyants, this layer appears as opalescent pastel colors with a silvery and golden light. This body is associated with the Third Eye Chakra.

The outermost of the subtle bodies is the Causal Body, or the Ketheric Template Body. The Causal Body is the higher resonance of the Mental Body existing on the Spiritual plane. To clairvoyants, it looks like a grid comprised of durable golden threads – these threads hold the 6 previous auric layers together. When in touch with the Causal Body (a state known as Kundalini) through meditation or transformation work, one is able to access higher wisdom to understand life in the bigger picture. This higher wisdom could be in the form of God’s wisdom, as well as that of the Ascended Masters, the Divine, the Source, etc. depending on what your personal belief is. With this deep of an understanding of the universe, one is able to surrender his ego-driven personal agendas for the highest good of all concerned. One is able to trust that universal events and circumstances are beyond human control, and draws wisdom from this. When disconnected from this state of consciousness, which most people are, there is a need to change circumstances that one is uncomfortable or unpleased with – one feels the need to be questioning and controlling instead of trusting and experiencing. The Causal Body is linked to the Crown Chakra.


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After all this, you’re probably thinking, “That’s cool and all, but how the freak do I accomplish all this?!” First, you must have an open mind. It also takes a lot of self-awareness to understand yourself – understand that many of your desires are ego-driven. Also, learn to understand others unconditionally, although you may think that other people are wrong. Know that there is a reason behind everything and every action, even if you may not be able to put your finger on that reason right away. No matter how mature you may be due to circumstances on the Physical plane, spiritual maturity takes time, patience and effort. Basically, all this talk has to do with grasping spiritual maturity and owning it. To gain this spiritual maturity, one can try different techniques:

  • Meditation – for my personal tips on how to meditate effectively, click here!
  • Meditation with crystals. Crystals have natural properties that help connect you with the spiritual plane, and can also help with everyday struggles (such as getting laid. I’m not joking – carry around some Carnelian for a few days. You’re welcome.)
  • Reiki – Reiki uses Life Force Energy (which is a term that might sound familiar if you remember reading about the Etheric Body) to balance and activate your Chakras. Reiki can also help with physical pain, emotional pain, imbalances in the Endocrine System and helps to alleviate the effects of Chemotherapy. I am a Reiki healer and am blessed enough to be able to heal people from any distance as well as in person – this is because the Spiritual plane exists without time and space. You find some of my services (including Reiki) on this page and if you have any questions, you can contact me through my Facebook page.