From Bruce to Caitlyn: An Astrological Insight


I just found out a month ago what KUWTK stood for. That being said, I didn’t even know who Bruce Jenner was until he decided to become Caitlyn! I am curious about all the hype surrounded around her reconstruction, so I decided to do a little research and I found out what many people probably already know about Bruce/Caitlyn:

  • Bruce was a dyslexic child.
  • Bruce won a gold medal as an Olympic runner in ‘76.
  • Bruce was married to Kris Jenner, and is Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s biological father as well as Khloe, Kim, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian’s stepfather.
  • Bruce felt that living as a man was like living a lie – he felt that his soul was of a female’s.
  • Bruce did not feel comfortable in his own skin enough to be a social person.
  • Bruce took female hormones in an attempt to transition in the ’80s, but did not follow through with it.
  • Bruce was always attracted to women, and that remains the same for Caitlyn.
  • Bruce was known for being a simple man who loved motorcycles, golf and remote-control helicopters.
  • Kris allegedly did not give Bruce much of a voice when it came to their show.
  • Caitlyn’s ex-wives, children and stepchildren seem to be very supportive of her decision to reconstruct.
  • Caitlyn has her own reality TV show now.
  • Caitlyn won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS, which was and continues to be a catalyst for shade-throwing over social media.

One very important fact about my standpoints: I decided to study Caitlyn Jenner because I wanted to see if there was anything that “stood out” in her astrology charts. In the process, from talking to friends and researching her, I have found that many people believe Caitlyn’s transition was part of a ploy to gain publicity, her own TV show, or to avoid possibly going to jail or prison with men. With everything that I have heard, I surprisingly see more aspects in Caitlyn’s charts that support her big decision than I had expected.


Caitlyn’s Natal Chart

A Natal Chart is calculated at the time and place one was born – it shows the placements of planets, asteroids, axes and points on the ecliptic, as well as the relationships between these in the form of degrees of separation. The Natal Chart gives the astrologer a look into personality traits, preferences and prominent themes throughout one’s life.

For all intents and purposes, I will focus on gender-specific and situationally relevant placements and aspects.


Her Sun conjunct Ascendant, especially in Scorpio, tells me she is very aware of strong first impressions made of her. In fact, Scorpio ACs in general tend to give off equally good and bad strong first impressions. This also denotes the ability to have a strong impact on people one meets, and with enough strength, can guide others to feel safe in uncharted territory.

Sun and Ascendant square Moon hints at inner conflict between identity, ego and emotions. Caitlyn her whole life kept thinking, “Is what I want something that I need? Does my identity match how I feel? How can I accept myself?” From a young age she believed that there was something wrong or different with her. This is also an indication of male and female energies being at odds.

Mars at 0˚:  With Mars being in such a prominent place, it was inevitable for it to become a main focus. Mars at such a strong degree in the 10th house has the type of energies that will help define his career and status. These energies are of determination, anger, ambition, masculinity, aggression and passion. With her Mars at 0˚ Virgo, she has struggled between wanting to be behind the scenes and wanting to be in the spotlight. Her Mars also indicates that when she decides on something, she will plan, execute meticulously and slowly but surely, and due to her determination, will often succeed. Also, sports make up a huge part of her social activities.

Moon in 3rd house inconjunct Mars in 10th house is another indication of male and female energies being at odds. Encourages taking on a motherly and fatherly role simultaneously to keep family close.

Eros conjunct Psyche in Aquarius in 3rd house: Eros represents sexuality and Psyche represents, well, the psyche. I see that sexual transformation, psychological transformation and consciousness go hand-in-hand, and are bound to be talked about. With the two asteroids conjuncting her Imum Coeli (axis point that refers to our roots), these conjuncting energies have been present since early childhood. With these asteroids inconjunct her 10th house, I can see that she deliberated on her transformation much more than most people would because of her status and career. Planets and asteroids in Aquarius will tend to act more eccentric than in other signs, and will march to the beat of their own drums. (Eros in Aquarius also denotes a “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” type of life.)

Jupiter in 3rd house square Neptune in 12th house denotes an obvious but unintentional tendency to serve as an inspiration for others. People who have this aspect must be aware of its potential for positive change in others. This could also indicate being stuck in her own dream world, except her determined Mars and powerful Sun, once developed, can execute her dreams.

Mercury conjunct Neptune in 12th house: Caitlyn’s senses, including her sixth sense, are naturally heightened above other peoples’. If these senses are nurtured, they could potentially turn into psychic abilities. This is not a gender-specific aspect, though it gives her a deep-rooted understanding about what decisions to make.


Solar Return Charts

A Solar Return Chart is calculated when the Sun returns to the same sign, degree, minute and second as the Sun in the Natal Chart – this happens about a year after the last Solar Return. In Caitlyn’s case, her Solar Return Chart is calculated when the Sun returns to 4ºScorpio42’25”. The native’s location during a Solar Return can alter planetary placements in this yearly chart. Caitlyn was in Malibu for both of these Solar Returns.

Solar Return Charts can act as a tool for understanding main themes for the year ahead and can be used for retrospection for past years. Relationships between planets in the Natal and Solar Return Charts can be assessed as well.

*The following energies may have started taking prominence earlier in her life. However, as to not confuse readers with too many charts, I decided to only go back 2 Solar Return charts.

October 27, 2013-October 26, 2014

During this Solar Return year, Bruce decided to start growing his hair longer post-separation from Kris Jenner. He also decided to shave his adam’s apple, which is one of the first procedures during a sex change.


SR Uranus in 1st house denotes a need for independence, a need to express oneself in unique ways, an eye-opening moment that one should live for himself.

Bruce’s self-focused Uranus during this time conflicted with his Sun and North Node in the relationship-oriented 7th house. Because of this, I believe that Bruce kept teetering on whether or not he should go through with a full transformation, and he flirted with the idea by making these small changes.

SR Pluto in 10th house trine Mars in 6th house means that serious thoughts about changes in career correlated with thoughts of him working independently. Conflicts at work were at a high during this time (SR Mars and Natal Mars in SR 6th House). This would have been the time when he started thinking about/taking action towards having his own show.

Once again, his 7th house would have been what stopped him from taking real action in this area. Nevertheless, the seed was planted here.

I can also see Bruce going to a psychic or at the least someone with higher guidance to help make money-related decisions. (SR Mercury and Saturn conjunct in 8th House)


October 27, 2014-October 26, 2015

During this Solar Return Year, Bruce and Kris Jenner officially divorced. Bruce also decided to become Caitlyn.

When I look at this chart, the words “rebirth” and “freedom” keep going through my head.


SR Pluto conjunct the Descendant (the point of close relationships): you guessed it – Pluto, the Planet of Death and Rebirth conjuncting the point of close relationships generally leads to a divorce or a separation from a close relationship.

Caitlyn’s 6th House

The 6th house is the house of the body, health, work setting, work relationships and daily upkeep and maintenance. The planets in the 6th house are: Moon (emotions, intuition and personal needs), Mars (ambition, passion, anger) and Pluto (planet of death, rebirth and transformation).

My literal definition of Caitlyn’s 6th house would be that 6th house-related transformations are taking place – work setting, work relationships, bodily transformations and daily upkeep. The Moon in Sagittarius shows that Caitlyn this year is enthusiastic about new experiences.

Once again, she has her SR Mars in the 6th House, which, again, leads to the consideration of changing the work environment to an independent venture. Since Mars was in the 6th house 2 years in a row, this shows me that “I Am Cait” took quite some time to develop, at least on Caitlyn’s part.

Caitlyn’s 5th House

Believe it or not, Caitlyn’s 2014/2015 Solar Return is actually not about transformation, although it is a major theme.

The 5th house – the house of expression, romance, creativity and children – this is the heart and soul of Caitlyn’s year. All of these aspects of her life take precedence this Solar Return, and it is a damn good year for her. The Sun and Venus in the 5th house happen to be sextile her Moon and Mars in the 6th house. This leads me to believe that her physical changes and work changes this year give her the freedom to fully express herself, love herself, love her children and experience the fun that life has to offer. Conversely, her ability to creatively express herself, her children and her fun experiences support her physical and work changes as well.


Caitlyn’s Draconic Chart

The Draconic Chart looks into the Soul of the person we are learning about. In this picture, the Draconic Chart is on the outside and the Natal Chart is on the inside. This indicates the relationship between the Soul and the physical incarnation in this lifetime.


Caitlyn once (or maybe more) said, “I have the soul of a female.” I am not going to say that this statement is wrong, but I do not see a prominently female Draconic Chart. However, I do see a balance between masculine and feminine energies in the Soul. Caitlyn’s Draconic Sun and Ascendant in Libra are indicative of this. Libra men and women are known to have an above-average understanding of how the opposite sex’s mind works.  The balance of placements in masculine and feminine signs and houses indicate this as well. However, there are many aspects that support that her Soul and her physical body were not in sync with each other.

Many transgender people tend to have Neptune prominence in their Natal charts.

Caitlyn’s Draconic Sun (identity) and Ascendant (appearance) are conjunct her Natal Neptune, Natal Mercury, as well as her Neptune and Mercury midpoint. Neptune is one of those silly planets that can represent either good or evil – intuition and addiction, spiritual enlightenment and masking, dreams and deception, sacrifice and victimization. Mercury, in short, represents communication, awareness and logic. To spell it out, her Soul’s identity and appearance switch between feeling justified and feeling masked or victimized.

Her Draconic Sun is sextile her Natal Pluto, which means that her Soul calls for death and rebirth in this lifetime.

Caitlyn’s Draconic Moon is square her Natal Mercury and Neptune. This is most definitely a struggle between her Soul and her physical form. The Draconic Moon is your Soul’s essence, and identifies your Soul’s personal needs. Caitlyn’s Soul’s personal needs challenged her logic and dreams simultaneously. 

Draconic Saturn is conjunct Natal Mars: Although Saturn is a planet of responsibilities, stability and karma, in Synastry charts it can act as a planet that stunts another planet’s energy. With Draconic Saturn conjunct Natal Mars, it is like saying that Caitlyn’s Soul asks her to rethink her masculinity.

Caitlyn’s Natal South Node is conjunct her Draconic Sun and Ascendant. The South Node is representative of what is comfortable and is known to repress growth, whereas the North Node is representative of what is uncomfortable and is known to promote growth. In this case, Caitlyn had already lived through what her Soul felt to be uncomfortable before embodying what her Soul felt comfortable with. To me, it seems very much like Caitlyn felt like she had experienced enough to finally give her Soul the vessel it deserved.



There are many aspects in Caitlyn’s charts to support that her reconstruction was a genuine effort to appease her Soul’s needs. In fact, reading her charts made me feel as if I watched this transformation as a devout fan! I truly believe that the world will see Caitlyn at her most comfortable from now on. I am not familiar with everything else that Caitlyn says or believes – however, I love that she had the courage to shake up her world in order to be true to herself and help others do the same.

Astrology is wonderful because it incorporates logic and faith to bring clarity to any situation. When astrology charts are interpreted by someone who values spirituality, knowledge, conditional and unconditional love, the Soul, the Ego – inner wisdom and Universal understanding begin to fall into place.