Why I Love Scorpio

By | Scorpio, Self Love
Hello Scorpio. Fancy seeing you here so early. You are, after all, the main event, and I’m only halfway through the Zodiac. Before the rest of the signs get all angry at me for this—wait, never mind. Get angry, I don’t care. You all know it’s true. Everyone is interested in Scorpio. I have made hundreds of videos on each...
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The Scorpio Child

By | Children, Scorpio
Her disposition changes with her internal situation and her internal situation is affected by the stability of her external situation. Ruled by Pluto and Mars, Scorpio is intense, resilient and poker-faced. Although no longer considered a planet, Pluto still remains a key component in astrology, giving Scorpio the ability to challenge everyone on a deep level, as well as transform...
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