Why I Love Sagittarius

By | Sagittarius, Self Love
I love you Sagittarius, and to prove my love, I would like to share a secret: if I could be any sign in the Zodiac, I would be you. Sagittarius, you have no equal. You are where otherworldly intelligence, open-mindedness, quick humor, and spirituality collide. You should be considered a perfectly engineered cyborg, yet they call you a human. I...
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The Sagittarius Child

By | Children, Sagittarius
New destinations are exciting even if they are local. As long as he can see new sights and explore. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is naturally given high ideals, good fortune and optimism. As a fire sign, he is the first to venture into the unknown and makes way for people of the other elements. The fire element also makes Sagittarius...
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