The Gemini Child

By | Children, Gemini
The Gemini child possesses the amazing gift to truly understand multiple sides of situations. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini prioritizes logical thinking, mental stimulation and communication. He is known to get bored easily and is experienced with many areas of interest because of this. The Gemini baby is born with a quest for knowledge, and is content when there are multiple sources of...
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The Capricorn Child

By | Capricorn, Children
She needs security, which is what she aspires to attain through her work ethic. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of Karma, Capricorn always carries the weight of responsibility for herself and others. Saturn’s symbol is made up of a Cross and a Sickle. The Cross represents the connection between Earth and space. The Sickle, used to harvest crops, represents the...
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The Virgo Child

By | Children, Virgo
Although Virgo child is eager to please, she is very clever! As a sign that is ruled by Mercury, Virgo is ruled by the planet that represents communication and thoughts. Belonging to the Earth element, Virgo is mostly attracted to projects that yield tangible results and is considered to be practical. With both Mercury and earthy influence, she has a...
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The Taurus Child

By | Children, Taurus
Taurus has an affinity for music and the arts. Her mind is creative. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which bestows Taureans with a love of all things pleasurable to the five senses. It is important to understand this about the Taurus child from birth. The Taurus baby loves to be held and touched often. Giving her lots of blankets and...
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The Sagittarius Child

By | Children, Sagittarius
New destinations are exciting even if they are local. As long as he can see new sights and explore. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is naturally given high ideals, good fortune and optimism. As a fire sign, he is the first to venture into the unknown and makes way for people of the other elements. The fire element also makes Sagittarius...
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The Leo Child

By | Children, Leo
Leo child has a very creative and imaginative mind. He loves bright colors, music and sounds. Leo is born with a playful, creative and passionate spirit. Knowing that Leo rules the Heart (and conversely, Leo is ruled by his heart as well) will help any parent understand Leo child. Although this applies to all children, Leo especially needs to be...
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The Aries Child

By | Aries, Children
Aries can either sway too far towards competing against himself, or competing against others. Aries, ruled by Mars, is influenced by the planet of energy, passion, action, anger and desire. Much like an arrow that Greek God Ares used in war, Aries finds clear direction for his motivations and actions. Just like any sign, he is capable of taking on...
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Why I Love Taurus

By | Self Love, Taurus
In my experience, Taurus is the most underappreciated sign, and I would like to change that today, by writing all of the reasons why I love you. Taurus, you are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so it should be no surprise that this beauty is passed to your features, creating a softness and a charming, attractive...
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Why I Love Aries

By | Aries, Self Love
Aries is the first, or youngest sign of the Zodiac. You represent the head of the Astrological body, basically controlling every other sign. You say, “Walk,” and the Sagittarius (Thighs), Capricorns (Knees), Aquarians (Ankles) and Pisces (Feet) start working together to make that happen. You say, “Look over there!” and Taurus (Neck) has no choice but to position you. You...
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Your Zodiac Sign’s Love Language

By | Communication, Love & Relationships, Signs
the 5 love languages There are many different ways that human beings love, and it's often these differences that destroy us in relationships, and by our own families. According to author Gary Chapman (and what has become a phenomenon over the years), there are Five (5) main love languages, and everyone has at least one of these, as their main love style. The Love...
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