Why I Love Aquarius

By | Aquarius, Self Love
Aquarius, you are the Master. On the Zodiac wheel, you come after Capricorn (AKA the power-seeking sign). Therefore you hold the power that Capricorn built, but instead of hoarding said power, you redistribute it to those without. Basically, you are the Democratic Socialist of the Zodiac. You are the “Water Bearer”: The man or woman who leaves the first world,...
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Why I Love Libra

By | Libra, Self Love
Before I begin, I contemplated asking someone else to write this piece for me. As a  Libra, explaining to everyone why I love myself, reminds me too much of my everyday life. Why do you look in the mirror? You must be vain. Why do you take selfies? You must be desperate for attention. Why do you care so much...
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Why I Love Gemini

By | Gemini, Self Love
Everyone has a Gemini in their life that they love. That’s what being a Gemini is all about. Taking love and sharing love and spreading love everywhere with your big smile and run on sentences… Whether you are the very talkative Gemini or the unusually quiet, self-talking Gemini — you are loved. As your sign naturally rules over the 3rd...
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Why I Love Pisces

By | Pisces, Self Love
This is what I love about Pisces. I love Pisces because — wait, you already know what I’m going to say.  After all, you are psychics of the Zodiac, right? You’ve actually dreamt about this exact scenario two weeks ago. But I was an owl and you were a mermaid and it took place in the Pacific ocean, and your...
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Why I Love Scorpio

By | Scorpio, Self Love
Hello Scorpio. Fancy seeing you here so early. You are, after all, the main event, and I’m only halfway through the Zodiac. Before the rest of the signs get all angry at me for this—wait, never mind. Get angry, I don’t care. You all know it’s true. Everyone is interested in Scorpio. I have made hundreds of videos on each...
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Why I Love Cancer

By | Cancer, Self Love
When it comes to the Zodiac, there is only one Sign I don’t feel awkward about expressing my loving feelings for, and that Sign is Cancer. You can say you love, but can you actually feel that love? This truth is what the Cancer people in my life, have taught me to understand. Cancer is the 4th sign, ruler of...
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Why I Love Capricorn

By | Capricorn, Self Love
Capricorn, you are not only the most powerful, hard-working Zodiac sign, you are also the most interesting—and that is an unequivocal fact. The only people who won’t agree with this statement, just don’t “get” you. And that is their fault, not yours. You’re funny, but a lot of your jokes are too intelligent, so they go over people’s heads. You’re...
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Why I Love Virgo

By | Self Love, Virgo
Virgo’s are notoriously the hardest to please of all the Zodiac signs. So to be honest, I’m a little nervous about writing you a love letter—you may never see how much I actually love you, when you’re tearing apart my grammar and questioning my intent—and Virgo, that is partly why you are so great, but there is more. So I’ve...
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Why I Love Sagittarius

By | Sagittarius, Self Love
I love you Sagittarius, and to prove my love, I would like to share a secret: if I could be any sign in the Zodiac, I would be you. Sagittarius, you have no equal. You are where otherworldly intelligence, open-mindedness, quick humor, and spirituality collide. You should be considered a perfectly engineered cyborg, yet they call you a human. I...
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Why I Love Leo

By | Leo, Self Love
Leo, you are the Lion King.The head of the Zodiac’s Royal Family. Every part of you is to be admired, hell, even your hair has it’s own fan club. I don’t think you need more of an introduction, so let’s just start. You are ruled by the Sun, so you are the center of the Zodiac. Every other planet in the Solar System,...
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The Pisces Child

By | Children, Pisces
If you are not in touch with your imaginative side, it is possible that you would have a hard time relating to Pisces child’s imagination. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is acutely tuned into energies around her. She takes in more psychic information from her surroundings than most, and needs to escape to reset herself – escaping can come in the...
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The Scorpio Child

By | Children, Scorpio
Her disposition changes with her internal situation and her internal situation is affected by the stability of her external situation. Ruled by Pluto and Mars, Scorpio is intense, resilient and poker-faced. Although no longer considered a planet, Pluto still remains a key component in astrology, giving Scorpio the ability to challenge everyone on a deep level, as well as transform...
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The Cancer Child

By | Cancer, Children
She is very perceptive to peoples’ energies and she intuitively knows what other people need. The zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon and symbolized by the crab, which imparts Cancer natives with a soft interior and hard exterior. Cancer does not show feelings easily, retreating to her protective shell when she experiences rejection or emotional adversity. In fact, she...
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The Aquarius Child

By | Aquarius, Children
Aquarius child is open-minded, and he is ready to be exposed to new experiences and new ways of thinking. Symbolized by the Water Bearer, Aquarius is known to be the humanitarian of the zodiac. The Water Bearer understands that all living beings are made of water. He knows that we are all one, so to provide his own water (resources)...
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The Libra Child

By | Children, Libra
He understands balance and justice, which are two great strengths to have as a child. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libra has a strong appreciation for anything that pleases the 5 senses. Libra is also the sign of partnerships, so he keeps the ones he loves very close to him. Deep down, Libra is a romantic...
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