Brad and Angelina’s Divorce – an Astrologer’s Perspective

Sad news in the celebrity world today – it has been made public that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt filed for divorce after 2 years of marriage and 12 years of being together. Being astrologer, I figure there is an astrological explanation for this. Because astrology explains everything. So let’s take a look.

Based on the yod in their composite chart, Angelina and Brad’s relationship was clearly fated. The yod is made up of the green triangle pattern in their chart, with Saturn and Moon sextile (60° aspect) each other and inconjunct (150° aspect) Uranus. This aspect pattern is known to bring a sense of destiny, with two compatible forces (sextile planets) locking down their focus to the planet at the apex (Uranus in 12th house). With this aspect in a composite chart, it is extremely hard for the two people to ignore the intense pull they have toward one another, as if they are together for reasons greater than themselves. The yod in a composite is also a strong indication that the two people are soulmates.

Brad and Angelina’s Composite Chart w/ May 2004 Transit Overlay

In May 2004, rumors started spreading of Angelina and Brad getting it on while filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” At this time, the beginning stages of their affair started to surface and set them up for changes to come. The next “big” event for “Brangelina” was in January 2005, when Jennifer Aniston and Brad announced that they were separating. Shortly after, it was clear that the affair rumors were true, as they were seen vacationing in Kenya together weeks after Jennifer filed for divorce. 11 years later, Angelina has filed for divorce for irreconcilable differences.

Brangelina’s Composite Chart with January 2005 Transit Overlay

Those who study astrology (or are obsessed with it like we are) know that Jupiter ingressed into Libra on September 9, and it will leave Libra in October 2017. The last time Jupiter was in Libra (September 2004-October 2005), “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” was in the middle of filming, Brad and Jennifer called it quits, and Brad and Angelina became official. But of course, these are all big events that take time. Now that Jupiter is in Libra again, Brad and Angelina have decided to divorce. It seems like Jupiter in Libra is a pivotal time for them! But why?

Well all of the aforementioned events take time to come into fruition. So what happened before Jupiter was in Libra? Obviously, Jupiter was in Virgo. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, benevolence, good feelings, luck. And when Jupiter is in Virgo, people find expansion by doing Virgo-type activities –  analyzing their own lives down to the little details, communicating these details, making calculated plans, and feeling the connection between body and mind. Brad Pitt has been quoted saying that during the filming of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” their affair wasn’t as exciting as people had imagined. In fact, they spent a lot of their time talking about the little things they had in common, eventually realized that they had similar goals in mind, and that they belonged together – sounds a lot like what people do on their own when Jupiter is in Virgo!

Brad and Angelina's Composite Chart with September 2016 Transit Overlay

Brad and Angelina’s Composite Chart w/ September 2016 Transit Overlay

Jupiter’s transit through Virgo is especially important for this couple because their composite Pluto (planet of transformation – in Virgo), Uranus (the apex of their yod and planet of disruption – in Libra) and Ascendant (how the couple presents themselves in the public eye – in Libra) are all within 10 degrees of each other. When transit Jupiter hits composite Pluto for any couple, changes within their dynamic are initiated that will likely have a long-lasting effect on their relationship. 9 degrees later, transit Jupiter is conjunct their composite Uranus (planet of originality, rebellion, expanded consciousness and disruption), and this aspect is current for the couple today. When transit Jupiter conjuncts composite Uranus, the couple recognizes limitations within their relationship and decides to free themselves of that. The last time transit Jupiter was conjunct their composite Uranus, they were in the works of figuring out how to be together in the long run despite the fact that Brad was married. This last Jupiter transit to their composite Uranus, they discussed how the crap they were going to break things off without making everyone in America bawl their eyes out. This transit is, simply put, expansion through disruption. The next conjunction that Jupiter makes after Uranus is to the Ascendant, which is just 1° away. No wonder these abrupt changes to their relationship are made public so… abruptly. Now, those of you in relationships don’t necessarily have to worry about this type of transit to your composite charts. The reason this transit is so pivotal for Brad and Angelina is because their relationship relies heavily on Uranus’ energy being the point of destiny in their chart.

Another part of this divorce that I am interested in seeing unfold is the fact that they filed for divorced during Mercury retrograde. Although this has obviously been in the works, I could see them getting back together. Maybe when the kids are a little older, and Jupiter enters Pisces in 2021, which is opposition their apex, or Jupiter enters Virgo again in 2027 😉