America: The Right Sun & The Left Moon

By December 9, 2015Politics

The Republican chaos and The Democrat deception.

The United States is going through an election, and to the politicians excitement, there is a lot to argue about. “Who is the biggest dick in the dick factory?” Is what we can call this time.

I’m not an avoider of politics. In fact, I love them so much. I love researching both sides. I love seeing people react to headlines, and I love watching people rip each other’s point of views from the privacy of their own computers. Everyone during election season becomes a GIGANTIC TROLL. Yes you. Yes me.

I’m pretty moderate politically. To be honest, I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Where on the vast spectrum I fall, depends on the time on day, actually. I despise politicians, because I think it’s stupid that your only job is to take money from people and act like you also care about their views.

You might be able to see this is my chart. I have a Pisces ascendant, a Taurus moon, and I’m a Libra. Logically I’m kind of emotional, and emotionally I’m kind of logical. As a Libra, I’ve learned time and time again, that as for political parties and ideals, one cannot live without the other. And so without getting you angry at me for not agreeing with you (cuz that’s actually a thing. People lose respect for people’s intelligence once they find out who they’re voting for–Because we all believe that we hold the only crazy, twisted, bias–er– answer in the whole world! but I digress.) I want you to know that I truly believe that faith in either side alone, does not make you stupid. We were not created to believe in both sides, because that would blow our minds. But we absolutely can coexist, and I want to show you how.

Through an astrological or maybe even astronomical analogy, I hope to awake you from your political slumber.

The RIGHT at its highest vibration is the SUN. At its lowest is PLUTO.

The LEFT at its highest vibration is the MOON. At its lowest is NEPTUNE.

The masculine SUN and the feminine MOON are not opposites. And so the opposition of parties is not, and should not, be a problem. On the other side, one person cannot be both the masculine father and feminine mother in a home, without some harsh reality. And so it is not a problem that we do not agree with each other.

The lower vibrations are the problem.

The right is the SUN, or the father and husband. He’s the head of the family, with an ego to prove it. The right thinks he’s right, and it’s because “he said he is.” He wants to protect his family. He wants to provide for his family. And he doesn’t want his family to feel without, He loves his family, and he will fight for them at all costs. The right loves the woman AND loves the children, and will sacrifice its men for them. The right will take care of itself and its own first, through the money it works hard to make, and then they will give to those in need. The right loves his wife, and he honors her, and compromises for her. But if he does not protect his family, he is not a man. He is no SUN.

The left is the MOON, or the mother and wife. She’s the balance of the family, the nurturer. She’s the reason the family has been together for so long, because she is the voice of reason and the caregiver. She does not let her sons and brothers go to war, because she loves them too much to see the reason behind it. The left is always bringing in stray animals and foster children, out of compassion. She believes in her intuition that says, “love will win out, and there will peace one day”. The left loves her husband, she loves that he protects her, but she must check him at the door, or she is not a woman. She is no MOON.

One cannot live without the other. They may be at opposite ends at times, as there is always a FULL MOON. Yes the moon will, like clockwork, travel to the opposite side of earth–Because the moon and sun cannot always agree, and they probably need their space. But again, like clockwork, that moon will come back together with the sun, under the NEW MOON, and they will heal each other and compromise.

The problem is that at their lowest points, the right becomes Pluto and the left becomes Neptune. And during an election, we ALL get caught up in the crazy chaotic deception.

The right is Pluto. Choosing war, choosing power and choosing control. Yelling at the left, telling them they’re delusional idiots that don’t care about protecting their family, with their foolish “open door policy”. Pluto bullies everyone into submission with outlandish phrases and fear-mongering. The right thinks it’s only “anger and passion”, and that maybe they let themselves get a little “hot”. What it doesn’t see, is that it caused destruction within their family because it refused to censor. Their wife is crying and afraid of their temper, and their kids cannot sleep without being afraid of being killed. There is now chaos. Hate. Fear as they try to clean up the mess by controlling everything and forcing it to transform. Pluto screams, “Arm yourself kids! “Fly or die!” And no one wants to die.

The left is Neptune. Deceiving themselves and others into believing that rose-colored glasses and love will be enough. The left has to believe that money will come out of thin air to support its ideals, and that “talking it out” with the psychopaths at their own doorstep, will heal all wounds. It’s no wonder that Neptune rules the media and entertainment industry as most of those left-run headlines scream out against the right: “Bigots! Racists! Hitler! War mongers! Woman haters!” And people don’t dig deeper, they have already seen everything they need to know through the Neptune delusion. Neptune causes the left to hold on to faith in the illusion–that things are good as they are, and we can save and help even more–Like the person who keeps adopting children, even though they cannot afford to feed them. And no one wants to be trigger happy. And no one wants to be a bigot.

The truth is. One cannot live without the other. But when we are operating at our lowest vibration, we cannot live with EITHER.

How is it that the screaming left, who are supposed to be lovers, keep calling everyone hateful words? How is that the hot-headed right that is trying to protect, only seems to cause so much more destruction?

Stop name calling. Stop assuming that love is enough and that we don’t need policy. Stop trying to destroy love with fear. Stop pretending that either side does not care about you. Stop saying you’re going to move to Canada. Stop believing that under one party you will die, and under the other you will thrive. Because those are all lies.

The only way to operate at the higher frequency is start with yourself. One person at a time. Come down from your high. And remember that every time you start talking about the idiots on the other side, you’re forgetting that to them, you’re the idiot. And guess what? At this point, you’re both right. You. Are. Both. Idiots. So am I. but admitting it is the first step to idiot recovery.