If you were born on the 29th of any month, your day of birth reduces to 11, which is a Master Number! Your day of birth is also ruled by the Moon, which gives you a powerful intuition. You don’t come outright and tell people about your intuition, though. Although you crave social interaction, at the end of the day you prefer keep to yourself, your close friends and your family. For work, the thought of doing something totally unique and off the beaten path is very appealing to you. You are not a materialistic person, though money flows steadily for you.

You are very skilled at multi-tasking and you have a knack for physical and emotional healing. Work in some sort of healing profession is spiritually satisfying to you. You are very intelligent, practical and organized. Your determination is constantly tested by your ability to let frustration and depression take over you. Also, you often take on more than you can handle. You can overcome these setbacks when you find a way to balance yourself and find peace of mind.

When in a relationship, it is not usually a light-hearted one. Your emotional attachments run deep, and the object of your affection is a often the star of your daydreams. Your relationships last long as long as you are with someone who understands that you may need encouragement through your emotional setbacks.