If you were born on the 24th of any month, your day of birth is ruled by Venus, which gives you love for the arts and social grace. You are a diplomatic person who keeps your opinion to yourself when others around you are at odds. You are a loyal and trustworthy friend who does not intentionally hurt anyone. You avoid acting rudely towards anyone even if they deserve it. Because of this, you should have friends and a significant other who will stick up for you. You are charming and have a softness about you that makes you agreeable.

Although you may have an academic background, you continue to diligently acquire knowledge through life experiences and other people. You are naturally book-smart and good grades come to you easily as long as you care about your grades. You are great at applying your knowledge to work. Your self-confidence wavers when you don’t live up to your own expectations. Because of this, you tend to play it safe when it comes to your career – keep in mind that just because you aren’t good at something now, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn to be.

Until you build your self-confidence, you are shy around people you find attractive. You have a tendency to idealize the people you fall for. The perfect partner for you is someone who is comfortable taking the reins in your relationship. The ideal partner will also help ground you, and encourage you to be more of a go-getter.