If your birthday falls on the 23rd of any month, your day of birth is ruled by Mercury! Mercury gives you a sharp mind and communication skills. You have an independent spirit who keeps your mind open to possibilities. You have a unique way of expressing yourself that leaves an imprint on other people – this is attributed to your imagination. You paint colorful pictures in your head, and are able to clearly convey them in a way that captures peoples’ attention.

You have a lust for life that makes you quick to get up and embark on your next journey, while others wonder how to catch up to you. You are multi-talented and ambitious, and you make hard work look effortless. You work well with others. You also have a sneaky way of getting out of responsibilities by being social with your superiors. This is easy for you, as you tend to be socially popular in the workplace.
You have a tendency to be nervous, or you buzz with nervous energy. Temptation seems to follow you, and your vices appease your need to stimulate your senses.

You are very affectionate toward the people you love. You would make a good marriage partner, as long as your spouse is secure enough to let you roam free. You secretly crave a relationship that exercises unconditional love on both ends. You also need a partner who will concede to the fact that you are always right