If you were born on the 22nd of any month, your day of birth is ruled by the Moon as well as Uranus! The Moon gives you intuition, and Uranus gives you originality – the combination of the two gives you an urge to benefit mankind somehow. 22 is the “Master Builder” number, which causes you to want to build BIG things with your grand ideas. You are also very creative, and have great potential to invent new creations, or reinvent old ones. Starting off big may work for some, but don’t get disappointed or feel inadequate if that doesn’t work out for you! When you do bring your brilliant ideas into the world, you must keep in mind that small steps are sometimes necessary before you get to where you are headed. Don’t be scared of being defeated – you can always pick right back up.

You are a charming and magnetic person, who can will so much success into your life as long as you believe in yourself. You also have many friends and admirers who would be willing to support you. You are a loyal friend and relative. Your apparent, yet calm confidence, and pleasant demeanor makes people happy to be around you. Your money management skills makes you a reliable and excellent provider.

In relationships, love will make you stay through the darnedest things. You are sensitive, and easily get turned off by rude or mean comments. The right person for you is someone who is understanding of your sensitivity to your environment, which must be balanced. Your partner should emotionally stable, pleasant and encouraging. Without these traits in a partner, the relationship will make you unstable.

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  • Iryna says:

    Thank you! This information seems to be pretty accurate. However, being born on 21st at 22.45 pm, I feel like both descriptions of the 21st and 22nd day fit me partially. Probably, I am something in between. ))