If you were born on the 21st day of any month, your day of birth is ruled by Jupiter! Jupiter bestows its optimism and lust for new experiences upon you. If I had to use one word to describe you, it would be “Fascinating!” You have gone through some very profound transformations in your life, which is how you have become the relatively sane and normal person you are now. Granted, many people can say this about themselves. However, your transformations tend to be on the more drastic side, as if you were reincarnated in the same life somehow. This isn’t to say you are no longer the same person after these transformations – through new experiences, you learn which facets of yourself are beneficial, and which should be left alone.

You take life as it comes to you, and this is driven by the instinct that everything happens for a reason. However, you are practical and have good instincts. Whatever paths you have taken, they generally lead to a conventional need to build a stable home for yourself. Your mind is very curious. You find yourself wanting to learn more about subjects like philosophy and history. Your problem-solving abilities are rarely matched.

Among acquaintances, you are generally an optimistic person, and making people smile is effortless for you. Although you have firm opinions, you respect that others have their own views. In relationships, it is best to find someone that will enjoy and play along with your romantic gestures. Your significant other is an outlet for everything in your head that isn’t sunshine and rainbows. You are supportive, and you are best with someone who is equally supportive and won’t shy away from you when you are feeling down.