If you were born on the 1st of any month, your day of birth is ruled by the Sun! The Sun gives you a creative mind and an independent streak. Although you like the company of other people, you prefer working alone. If you don’t have the option to work alone, you would rather be in a position of leadership. This is because you are a perfectionist, and can execute plans well as long as no one stands in your way. You have a razor sharp mind and business instincts that can’t be taught at school.

Sometimes you are so strong-willed that it comes off as stubborn. You often have ideas in your mind as to how things should play out, and it is hard for you to detach from them. When things don’t go your way, you get frustrated, though your strong will shines through eventually. You have the mentality of a winner.

In love, you are very demonstrative with your affection, and you expect the same from your significant other. Until you lose interest, you are also demonstrative and determined when pursuing a potential relationship. When you do settle with someone, you are encouraging and inspirational. You help your loved ones reach their potential and achieve their goals. Even if you don’t say it outright, you like being the leader in your friendships and love relationships. As long as you pair up with someone who doesn’t mind following your lead, ego clashes won’t arise very often.

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