If you were born on the 19th of any month, your day of birth is ruled by the Sun, which gives you a strong presence, and the desire to be self-sufficient, independent and respected. You are fascinating to others because of your ability to quickly and successfully turn your life around. As with most people, you may develop bad habits, or allow yourself to be stagnant for a while. However, once you realize you need to change yourself or your environment, you snap out of it at an impressive speed!

You have a stubborn streak, which often works out in your favor. You will do whatever you believe right, despite what others may think. Your independent thinking is admirable – however, the more you open up to ideas and perspectives other than your own, the easier life will become for you. You are also multi-talented, and enthusiastic to be great at your chosen profession and hobbies.

Inside, you have emotional swings that you keep hidden from the public. Because you are able to keep your act together, you find it hard to understand when others allow setbacks in their lives. You have a certain charm and magnetism about you that is intriguing. You are romantically and sexually complex, and it is difficult to find someone who really wows you.