If you were born on the 18th of any month, your day of birth is ruled by Mars, which gives you high ambitions and great leadership skills. You are a broad-minded person who sees beauty in most things and people – this makes you appreciate even the little things in life! People from all walks of life tend to gravitate towards you because you have the ability to make just about anyone smile. Your positive attitude makes people want to be around you.

There are a few things in this world that speak to your soul: creative endeavors, traveling, and making the world a better place. You are mentally sharp and a quick learner. However, you most likely shine brightest in your professional life when you are are able to express yourself creatively. Your creativity conjoined with your innate business sense makes it easy for your superiors to trust you. In your travels, you absorb every amazing moment, and are able to relive your experiences as if it was just yesterday. Your need for a diverse circle of acquaintances and experiences is very strong, so save money and make time for travel! As for how you make the world a better place – this may even be on a small scale, such as making someone’s day better when he/she is feeling blue.

Aside from your positivity and general goodwill, you can be brash during disagreements. Your friends and family will overlook or accept this (because the rest of you is awesome :P), however, those not so close to you may find it hard to deal with this side of you. Your sexuality is understated on the outside, but those who know you on a deeper level eventually find out how powerful your sexuality is.