If you were born on the 10th of the month, your day of birth is ruled by the Sun! The Sun gives you the drive to succeed, with good business instincts and a sharp mind to help you get there. You have a creative and imaginative mind that will help you find answers outside of the box. Routine activities annoy you. Your life is truly a balancing act, since you try to live a full life.

The Sun’s energy also makes you self-reliant, and you want others to rely on you as well. You are generally happy and optimistic. You are a loyal friend, but you are also competitive with your friends. You set high standards for yourself, and therefore, for other people.  Your best love partner would be someone who will help you build your patience, and depend on you emotionally and/or financially.

Another thing to watch out for is your stress levels! You have high ambitions, and you often take on more than you can handle! Make sure you take ample amounts of vacation time and unplug often. Being stubborn and critical of others are weaknesses to work on. Generally, once you set your mind to something, it is hard for others to convince you otherwise.