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Meet Alyssa

Currently living in Los Angeles, CA, Alyssa Trahan (also known as Alyssa Sharpe) is the creator of Morningstar Astrology.  Alyssa has over 100,000 subscribers on her channel, Alyssa Trahan Astrology, making millions laugh with her candid and crass way of talking about the zodiac signs. Because of her reach on her channel, she has read thousands of charts for people from all over the world.

Morningstar Astrology

Meet Mary Jo

Mary Jo Montevirgen is the co-creator of Morningstar Astrology, as well as a modern-day Augur, Healer, Discoverer, Adventurer and Astrologer, whose goal is to help you explore your boundless, passionate and powerful existence. Travel with Mary Jo, by following her on Instagram, and get a reading or a healing today, by clicking here!


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